Packed Glares & Sunblocks – 6 Things I did in Jaipur in 2 Days Short Trip

Jaipur, the pink city, is one of the most lively places to be. If you are planning to visit Jaipur, then do not forget to pack your glares, good sunblocks.


A few years back, I got a good chance to visit this beautiful city and that was all unplanned.

My Two Days in Jaipur Experience

The city has its own charm, I hope to see pure Rajasthani folks everywhere, but I was wrong the place has evolved a lot and all in a very good way.

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We went there during peak season so finding a good place to stay in the budget was little tough, but thank god we managed to find a good deal in Ramada, though it was costly every penny was worth spending. So, it will be of great comfort if you do the pre-bookings for your stay in Jaipur.

#1 Amber Fort Review

Our first day and we went to see Amber Fort, it is one of the most beautiful fort one can find in the country.


All white and red and the history it holds will only make your eyes pop out, do take a guide along to understand things better, our guide came very cheap at only 200 but then it was a few years back.

The glorious history of Rajputs and their fierce fights with Mughals, the Deewane-Khas and Deewan- Aam, Sheesh Mahal, all of it reminded me of the Agra fort but this Amber fort, in personal opinion was much better. I loved how a single ray of light just lit up the entire Sheesh Mahal.

The palace was huge and it took us more than an hour to complete the entire palace.

#2 Shopping at Bapu Bazaar

The second place we visited was Bapu Bazaar, we were hungry and wanted to eat something, and the plaza ashore was to die for and also the spice chutney that they serve along. We shopped like crazy maniacs.


The prices were low, the quality was good and the variety was great. You might bump into a lot of people selling puppets dressed in authentic Rajasthani attire. They all looked so cute that we ended up buying 3 pairs.

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Day 2 Jaipur experience

We were short of time as our stay in Jaipur was only for 2 days, so we had to decide among a lot of lovely places. We chose few places that we thought interested us more than others.

#3 Birla Mandir

We started our second day with Birla Mandir, cameras were not allowed else we would have captured the beautiful aorta and melodious beans. The Mandir itself is so much divine.

#4 Jal Mahal

We left in a jiffy to visit Jal Mahal, as I was super excited to visit a palace in mid on a lake, just like Taj Palace of Udaipur.


I was not aware that entry inside was prohibited, but the view from out was also breathtaking. It was so mesmerizing to see a floating palace which s so beautiful. It is located on Sagar Lake which is also a place for a lot of birds.

As it was winter time, so the sun rays were very soothing. A cup of tea and a silent view was all I wanted.

#5 Nahargarh Fort

Then we moved to the Nahargarh Fort. The Zenana and Mardana Mahal with a lot of city view and photography took our major time. I still have those pictures and the city view from that fort.

After Nahargarh fort, we went to the Jaigarh fort and Biological Park. Due to time constraint, we could only see the thing briefly but whatever we saw was beautiful.

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#6 Chowki Dhani

Our last resort was Chowki Dhani which was a little far from that place, but oh my god, it was worth it. The food and that ambience and everything was so typical that you wish to go there every time you visit Jaipur. The feel and taste of that place are still so fresh in my head.

Picture Credit – Flickr (Sumeet Jain)

We were short of time as we had other commitments, but Jaipur and our small stay in the city was a memory that I wish to keep for ages. The city is very welcoming and has the kind of warmth that will surely melt your heart.

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Note – This post was submitted by one of our readers (Priyanka Kandpal) who visited Jaipur earlier, checked and published by JaipurLove editorial team. If you have been to Pink City and looking to get your experience published on this platform, kindly contact us with a request for the same.


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