Facts about Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar Metro Station Jaipur

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Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation is constructing India’s first ever Art Gallery at a metro station. Yes, an Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar metro station will soon be launched and will showcase history and culture of Rajasthan.

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Jaipur Metro is another step ahead for people of Jaipur. It is a rapid transit system in pink city. The project was started in 2010 and by May, 2015 the first phase was finished.

Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar Metro Station

JMRC has decided to restore and conserve the heritage of Jaipur city in a museum or Art Gallery. It will be one of a kind project in world where items of heritage value will be showcased in a Metro Station.

An Art Gallery is being constructed on first floor of Choti Chaupad Metro Station.

The Museum or Art Gallery will showcase the recovered items. This will help people to relive the era of Princely States in India. Additionally, it will be another attraction in Jaipur tourist circuit.

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Prelude to Jaipur Metro

According to many surveys Jaipur is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It is an administrative capital and a significant destination in tourism map. Therefore, the need for a Metro Rail system was realized by government and rest is history.

Heritage vs Modern Jaipur Metro

Jaipur is chosen by Central Government of India to be developed as a Smart City. On the other hand city was established some 290 years ago by Sawai Jai Singh ll of Amer. It is credited with being India’s first planned city. Later in reign of Sawai Ram Singh Bahadur it was crowned as Pink City of India.

Facts about Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar Metro Station Jaipur
Picture Source – transport.rajasthan.gov.in

Various modern techniques and methodologies were adopted by administration time to time to cope with growing economy. Together with public support Government was able to conserve valuable heritage sites. Even after two centuries the markets, mansions and monuments attract tourists from around the globe.

People of Jaipur feel that,

‘Our Heritage is Our Pride’

When Jaipur Metro’s second phase was announced it raised many questions. Many historians and revered citizens were against any change in layout of walled city for Metro construction.

It was a challenge for JMRC’s officials. They were facing opposition and they had to maintain the originality of the city.

The challenges

The track to Choti Chaupar and Badi Chaupar from Chandpole Metro Station is underground. This meant they had to be very careful as there were 280 years old City Gates, monuments, markets and walls. And not to mention old temples which are a matter of faith for all.

But, with determination and latest technology they moved ahead slowly but steadily.

The Findings

Engineers would not have expected what they would discover which was underneath Jaipur city. During the construction of underground tracks, they came across,

  • An entire water management system for walled city of Jaipur
  • Chiseled boulders
  • Statues
  • Canals
  • Gaumukh
  • Stone inscriptions
  • Stepwells at Choti and Badi Chaupar

These stepwells would have supported water management system during the time of establishment of Jaipur. But slowly they were lost in time as their utilization was limited to nil.

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The project will be finished by the end of this year. And of course we cannot wait to explore the hidden treasures of Jaipur beneath Choti Chaupad.

Once it is inaugurated, the Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar Metro Station will definitely be a tourist attraction. Do share this news with your friends and thoughts in the comments below.

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