Shreeji Khaman Wale – Gujarat’s Best Khaman Dhokla in Jaipur

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Looking to have best Khaman Dhokla in Jaipur? Read along as I found perfect outlet in the Pink City which I’m sure many of you will like.

It is said that if you want to know Jaipur’s culture, you must experience street food in Jaipur. And in the same way every traveler wants to know about must have street foods in Jaipur.

best Khaman Dhokla in Jaipur

Gujaratis in Jaipur

Jaipur is home to people of different cultures and faiths. People from different parts of India live in pink city and they contribute well in city’s development and traditions.

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Both Gujaratis and Rajasthanis are known for their excellent entrepreneurship skills. And there is a considerable number of Gujaratis living in Jaipur. Consequently they have adopted Jaipur’s culture and vice versa.

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Gujarati Food in Jaipur

Whenever someone says Gujarati food we imagine a picture of big thali with lots of delicacies in it. And of course there is Khaman Dhokla.

Khaman is a dish made of Gram floor (besan), semolina, sugar, lemon juice and chilies. It is an ideal food to start your day. It provides essential minerals, fiber and energy for the day.

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Best Khaman Dhokla in Jaipur

A small shop in Jouhari Bazar sells one of the best Khaman in Jaipur. Johari Bazar is hub of jewellery showrooms and offices. Therefore, it is a place of business for many Gujaratis. Some have offices here and many keeps visiting for business. But the Khaman is loved by Gujaratis and Rajasthanis equally.

Shreeji Khaman Wale was established in 1998 by Navin Bhai & Puja Bhai.

These Gujarati businessmen learnt the recipe of Khaman making from their relatives in Gujarat. Although, they are into Gems & Jewellery Trade too their recipe of Khaman is mouth watering.

Soft cakes of Khaman are served with lemon juice sprinkles and coriander leaves. These dissolve in mouth and are palatable for all.

And the best part is the delicious Khaman costs 20 RS per plate only. That is less than .30 US Dollars. Also, the shop is Cash Only.

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Shreeji Khaman Wale Shop Timings

Shreeji Khaman Wale shop opens at 8:30 in morning and usually by 12 in day every piece of khaman is sold. So, it is advised to visit the shop in early morning hours.

How to reach Shreeji Khaman Wale in Jaipur?

The shop is located in Chaksu Walo ka Chowk in a narrow street of Johari Bazar. The best way to reach this shop is by walking from Haldiyo Ka Rasta or Badi Chopad. Shreeji Khaman wale is 5 minutes walk away from Badi Chopad.

Here is a Google Maps link to Shreeji Khaman Wale.

Parking Facility

As the shop is located in a narrow street it is advised to drop your vehicles at Johari Bazar or Ramniwas Bagh parking facility. You can ask your cab, auto, taxi driver to drop you at Haldiyo Ka Rasta in Johari Bazar. And rest 100 meters distance could be covered by walking.

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Things to do around Shreeji Khaman Wale

The streets are full of life and a blessing for photography enthusiasts. Many monuments in Jaipur are with the radius of 2 kms from this shop. These monuments are open by 9 in morning.

Here is a list of other places of interest with their respective distance from Shreeji Khaman Wale –

This was all from my side and the heavenly experience I had having Khaman Dhokla in Jaipur city. Do plan a visit and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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