Blind Book Date in Jaipur – Introducing this concept to the Holy City of Literature

Fresh drizzles of Blind Book date poured over Jaipur city on Sunday. For most of us, it was an unknown cloud. But it surely was pleasant for all.

blind book date in jaipur

What is a Blind Book Date?

The concept of Blind Book Date is not new to many metro cities of the world. Similar to blind dates it is a blind date with a book.

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Only the book is concealed in brown paper with hints written over it. These books are handpicked by the organizers. They may be from a renowned author or may be from a hidden gem in literature.

What is a Blind Book Date

Some of the books are best sellers while some may have not performed commercially.
However, the idea is to introduce the books to readers that they may have missed out to read because we as humans have a tendency to judge a book by its cover. And that’s the reason the Books are hidden behind brown cover.

  1. The dates or books, in this case, are of genres like fiction, romance, horror, adventure, mystery, etc.
  2. Readers check the genres written on the books and check other hints like the author bio, what it is about or what it is about.
  3. Then they pick a date with the book depending upon their interest.
    Once they have chosen a book they get to unwrap it.
  4. Finally, they can enjoy reading the surprise Book Date.

Blind Book Date in Jaipur

A Blind Book Date was organized for the first time in the history of events in Jaipur recently on 23rd September 2018. The whole idea was put to reality by Ms Vidhi Khandelwal.

Blind Book Date Jaipur

The Young Turk was inspired by such events in other metro cities. Therefore, she wanted to introduce the concept to the holy city of literature.

Are there any organizations involved?

From procuring the books to booking the venue, the whole task was the responsibility of Ms.Vidhi and team. But she is hopeful that in the future more literature enthusiasts will come forward for the cause.

Where was Blind Book Date in Jaipur organized?

The event was organized at The Home Café by Mr.Beans. The café was carefully selected for the event keeping in mind the ambience and reach for readers. Readers were offered Coffee and other drinks courtesy of the café.

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In future, these events could be organized at other places too.

How to attend one?

The group of book lovers in Jaipur is very active on social media platforms like Facebook. Event news and other information could be accessed on the same platform.

Now the biggest question that arises is that does an event like Blind Book Dates have a future in an era of mobiles and gadgets?

The question was answered by Ms Vidhi with a smile. She said that Jaipur is the host city for Literature Kumbh Jaipur Literature Festival which is getting more popular every year.

People of Jaipur, especially youth take book reading hand in hand. So, the love for Book reading will not only survive but it will grow.

Rest assured, the next event will be scheduled in October and we can’t wait to uncover our surprise book this time.


  1. Please do it more often, due to pandemic 2020 is gone but next year we are really enthusiastic and looking forward for such event in Jaipur.
    P.S – It’s a dream come true,’first date with a book’ (*_*)


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