Caffe Palladio Jaipur Review – The Milestone in Renaissance of Modern Kitchens

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Your visit to Jaipur is incomplete without going to Caffé Palladio as the exquisite restaurant is comparatively new to the town but it is ‘The Milestone’ in renaissance of modern kitchens.


Want to know what makes it different and so popular? Read along as I share Caffe Palladio Jaipur Review in detail over here.

Where is Caffé Palladio in Jaipur?

It is 10 minutes drive away from topsy-turvy walled city traffic. Caffe Palladio is located on the road to Jaipur Airport which happens to be the new Jaipur with broader roads and lesser attributing India chaos.

Café Palladio in Jaipur

Jaipur city could fairly be considered as the cultural capital of India. Every year millions of tourists visit flamboyant pink city. Newly opened restaurant in Jaipur is the milestone in turning this city into cultural city of world.

There are two entrances to Café Palladio. One is from near Trimurti Circle on JLN  Marg. Additionally, the place has another entrance from Narayan Singh road too.


Caffe Palladio Jaipur menu

If you want to explore international cuisine apart from Indian spices then this you must surely visit this place. The menu of is said to be the horizon where east meets west.

Caffe Palladio menu

Thus, you will find a lot of Italian dishes with Mediterranean tint. They offer distinctive list of healthy salads if you are a fitness freak.

As a special feature the staff shows Special Dishes for the day on a black board.

Caffe Palladio review

Extensive non-vegetarian dishes and fancy desserts is an essential to the finale of appetite. Given the place the prices are modest.

Caffe Palladio food

Ambience, Style and Architecture

When we entered from Narayan Singh Road it seemed like a privately owned home hidden behind bamboo walls and trees. But a passage led us to open courtyard where the soothing atmosphere awaited for us.

Caffe Palladio Jaipur

It is hard to find restaurants with outside sitting in Jaipur because of the scorching heat most of the year. But at the place there are trees and plants to save us from the trouble.

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Light colored wrought iron furniture symmetries with the shady trees and theme of the restaurant. And you may opt to sit on swings with your partners. Anyways you will be awestruck with the silence and occasional chirrups of birds which makes it ideal for a drink and relaxing.

how to reach Caffe Palladio Jaipur

What most people love about the place is how deliberately they have decorated the place. The light colors and murals take to you a totally different world of peace. The glass doors take you to L shaped verandahs where there is another sitting arrangement. The verandahs are symbol of Rajput style architecture although the interior makes it multicultural.

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The interior, furniture and whole arrangement is inspired from Sicily (Italy) and Mediterranean cultures. Thus, you may taste the perfect blend of cultures in their cuisine too.

Brain behind Caffe Palladio

Marie-Anne Oudejans is the brain behind the multicultural restaurant, Caffé Palladio in Jaipur. She is also credited with designing indigo sensation Bar Palladio in Jaipur.

Are Café Palladio and Bar Palladio same place?

No, Café Palladio and Bar Palladio are different places but from same owners. Caffe Palladio is located at Trimurti Circle while the Bar Palladio is located inside Hotel Narain Niwas Palace.

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How to reach Caffe Palladio in Jaipur?

Caffe Palladio restaurant

The Caffe is located on the broad JLN Marg which is connected to every part of the town. Address to Caffe Palladio is 100, Santha Bagh JLN Marg Jaipur.

For easier navigation, here is a Google Map link to Caffe Palladio.

Caffe Palladio Timings

Caffe Palladio in Jaipur opens at 11 AM and closes at 11 PM.

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When you planning to visit Caffe Palladio Jaipur?

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