Chandpole Bazar Jaipur: How to Reach, Best Things to Do, Shopping Info

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Chandpole Bazar is a traditional market in walled city of Jaipur. It is one of the first built markets of pink city, almost three centuries old.

As soon as you enter walled city from Chandpole Bazar this market will steal your heart with mesmerizing pink coloured buildings.

Chandpole gate jaipur

Where is Chandpole Bazaar?

The traditional market is located in the heart of Jaipur city. It stretches from Choti Chapuad to Chandpole Gate. Equally important it is inside the old city walls thus it is also a part of walled city of Jaipur.

Chandpole Bazaar Jaipur

Legacy – The foundation of Chandpole Bazar was laid in 1727 AD as a part of city only. The coordinates of the market are from East to West. And it is located in the western part of the town thus was named as Chandpole Bazar. The market is said to be on a low lying Aravali mountain ridge which divides Jaipur city in two.

Chand is Hindi word for Moon. And Chandpole signifies Gate named after Moon God.

Architecture Style – The first thing that you will notice about the market is the symmetrically developed shops. These shops are well protected with verandah on both sides. The visionary ruler of Jaipur ensured that people of Jaipur as well as the shopkeepers don’t have to bear scorching sun or soak in monsoon rains.

All the shops, buildings and mansions are pink in color and symmetrical in their structure. It gives the market its signature charm of Jaipur. On the other hand if you notice closely the mansions are different in style.

The orderly built of verandah seems ruffled but isn’t. The designs are inspired by Rajput style architecture with a tint of Mughal inspiration.

What is Chandpole Bazar famous for?

The city market is famous for being a part of walled city. As well as it is a major center of trade and commerce. Major shops are owned and operated by business families. Traditional marble artwork can catch anyone’s attention in this market. Many renowned artisans own showrooms in the market. Here is a list of major items sold in Chandpole Bazar –

  • Marble Handicrafts
  • Traditional Indian Sarees and clothes
  • Loose and Branded Grains, retail and wholesale
  • Dry Fruits from every part of the world

Chandpole Bazar shopping guide

  • Timber and wooden items
  • Unbranded Clothes
  • Edible Oils, retail and wholesale
  • Glass Work
  • Metal and fancy jewellery
  • Lac and metal bangles
  • Fancy gift items
  • Clothes pieces
  • General and daily use items, retail and wholesale
  • Indian traditional sweets
  • Traditional Indian fast food
  • Indian namkeen

As the market has been a center for business for over 2 centuries it has developed as a place for the wholesale market for most of the items. At the same time, shopkeepers entertain retail customers too.

Check Chandpole Bazar’s YouTube Video here.

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Things to Do in Chandpole Bazar Jaipur

The best way to enjoy the colorful Chandpole Bazaar is by walking. However, if you are not enthusiastic about capturing the true culture of Rajasthan then you may check out the market from an e-rickshaw also.

Shopping in Chandpole Bazar

You will get to see real Jaipur in this market. Apart from the shopping experience you may enjoy local food and visit ancient temples of religious significance.

Here is a list of some major Hindu temples in Chandpole Bazar,

Chandpole Bazar Jaipur temple

  • Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Choti Chopad
  • Chandpole Gate Hanuman Temple
  • Gopinath Ji Mandir
  • Shri Ram Chandra ji mandir
  • Swami Narayan ji Temple

Here is a list of some major tourist attractions around Chandpole Bazar,

Shopping in Chandpole Bazar Facts

  • The market is approximately 1 kms long with shops on both sides.
  • The average width of the market is 111 Ft.
  • There are over 350 shops in Chandpole Bazar

Chandpole Bazar food shopping

  • A Metro line is developed under Chandpole bazaar connecting Choti Chaupad and Chandpole gate
  • Unlike popular belief the verandahs are government properties.

Q. Are there any restaurants in Chandpole Bazar Jaipur?
The market doesn’t have fancy dining restaurants. But some best street food places in Jaipur are in Chandpole Bazaar.

Q. Is parking facility available at Chandpole Bazar?
Yes, parking facility is available for customers in Chandpole Bazar. But availability of parking space is hard similar to other major markets. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to park your vehicles at Ramniwas Bagh parking, Rajeev Gandhi Parisar MI Road, Chaughan Parking space or Aatish Market Parking space.

Chandpole Bazar Jaipur parking

Q. Are there any hotels in Chandpole Bazar?
There are some dharamshalas in this market but not hotels.

Timings of Chandpole Bazar

The market starts around 10 AM and most shops close by 8 PM.

How to reach Chandpole Bazar in Jaipur?

The market is centrally located in walled city. It is very well connected with every part of town. You can reach the market by car, bus, auto, cab or bike.

The exit from Chandpole Bazar via Chandpole Gate leads to Sikar road and Ajmer Road.

Here is a list of nearest Bus Stand, Metro Station, Railway Station and Airport with their respective distances from Chandpole Bazar

Here are some nearby localities of Jaipur from Chandpole Bazar

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