Chaura Rasta Jaipur – Everything You Must Read before Shopping

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Chaura Rasta is an alluring market situated in old Jaipur with elegant havelis on both sides. This market is cultural center of pink city with some major Jain and Hindu temples.


When State government decided to open Night Bazar in Jaipur no wonder their search for ideal market ended with Chaura Rasta of Jaipur City. 

It is not sure if the rulers of Jaipur planned to establish wholesale markets of particular things in particular areas. But as a unique feature Chaura Rasta turned out to be the market for students.

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Where is Chaura Rasta?

The traditional market is located in the heart of walled city of Jaipur. It is a delight for tourists to take a walk through Chaura Rasta and experience the colors of India. Chaura Rasta runs from North to South in a straight line similar to Kishanpole Bazar.

It has two entrances; the southern entrance is guarded by signature New Gate and on the northern end it is dissected by Tripolia Gate and Tripolia Bazar. This market was selected for renovation works under Jaipur Smart City project.

Consequently now the Bazar has turned out to a best example of Gulabi Nagari city planning. It is equipped with enough walk lanes, parking spaces and cleaner surroundings.

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Interesting Chaura Rasta Facts

  • This market runs parallel to Kishanpole Bazar and Johari Bazar of walled city.
  • It connects southern part of new Jaipur to walled city.
  • MI Road diagonally cuts it to the south end while Tripolia Bazar cuts it in North.
  • The average width of the market ranges from 111 ft to 117 ft.
  • There are over 250 shops in Chaura Rasta.
  • Uniquely Chaura Rasta doesn’t have verandahs in front of shops or mansions.
  • Interestingly Jaipur Jewelers Association has planted many trees to increase greenery in this market.

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Why Chaura Rasta is called Chaura Rasta?

Earlier name of the market are unknown. But surely it was developed at the same time when Jaipur was established. However, New Gate was not in the original layout of Jaipur walled city.

Chaura Rasta library
Chaura Rasta library

Eventually with growing pressure of population and expanding city need of a new gate was felt. Hence, the city wall was broken to construct a new gate connecting old Jaipur to new Jaipur. Thus, it was named New Gate.

Last ruler of Jaipur state Sawai Man Singh ll would travel through Chaura Rasta to visit newly constructed Rambagh Palace and other sites. Therefore, people started calling this market as SMS Highway.

Chaura is a Hindi word for wide. Thus, Chaura Rasta means wide market.

This market once fell victim to so much illegal encroachments that it literally eloped. Then the local administration ran an operation to clear the encroachments and people were amazed to see such broad Rasta or way. Since then it is popularly known as Chaura Rasta.

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Architecture Style

The State Government is truly entitled for appreciation for their makeover efforts in Chaura Rasta. Now this historic yet vibrant market will take you to the era of Maharajas in Jaipur.

Chaura Rasta places

The magnificent mansions on both sides of SMS Highway steal the breath of onlookers instantly. The architectural style of bazaar and havelis on both sides is influenced by Rajput architecture. At the same time British influence is also of trivial but noticeable.

This market was the first to be developed as Night Bazar in Jaipur. And it is a delight to take a tour in Chaura Rasta after 9 PM. The illuminating pink color Havelis gleam in night with decorations. And there are many street food vendors specially serving in night.

Some temples are decorated with lights on both sides of the stairs creating the feel of hallowed place. The unmatched Bazar is ideal for couples who share interest for history and photography.

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What Chaura Rasta offers to tourists?

This market of walled city of Jaipur is unique in its own as it is without verandahs as other markets. But the colorful and differently built shops compensate for the same.

Chaura Rasta shops jaipur

The generations of Jewelers grew and expanded their empires in this market yet this is famous for totally different item segments. For locals this is the market dedicated for academic books and stationary items.

This full of life bazaar of Jaipur provides with picturesque shots. One can easily mingle to experience real Jaipur here. These are the specialties of Chaura Rasta in Jaipur –

  • Traditional Indian Sarees and clothes
  • Local sweet shops
  • Readymade Garments
  • Branded Apparel Showrooms
  • Jaipuri Razai or Quilt
  • Engineering and Medical Books
  • All kind of school and college academic books
  • Jewellery
  • Iron Bars and other Hardware products
  • Accessories, Watches and Clocks
  • Branded and unbranded shoes and other footwear
  • Traditional Rajasthani Sweets
  • Rajasthani Snacks and Namkeen
  • Indian traditional fast food and Spicy Snacks

Chaura Rasta tea

Best Tea in Jaipur is also found in Chaura Rasta at Sahu Chai. At this place you will always find yourselves surrounded by people having sips of tea and chitchatting. And if you are looking for something to eat then your search will end at Samrat Shop.

Does Chaura Rasta is up to its name and expectation?

Yes, Chaura Rasta is a big YES from JaipurLove team. From colorful quilts to delicious food, books to soul soothing tea this market is ideal for a photo walk. The temples and streets in the market are worth cherishing forever.

how to reach Chaura Rasta

Uniquely designed small Jharokha of mansions, grand entry gates to Havelis, beautiful pink façades of houses and ancient temples; Chaura Rasta is one of the best markets for shopping in Jaipur.

Golcha Cinema Hall is the only movie theater in walled city of Jaipur. And it is in Chaura Rasta only.

Places of Interest near Chaura Rasta Jaipur

Here is a list of some major tourist attractions in and around Chaura Rasta.

Restaurants near Chaura Rasta 

Are there any restaurants in or around Chaura Rasta of Jaipur?

Some of the best street food could be tasted in Chaura Rasta. This market is not ideal for a fancy dining. However, you won’t be left empty stomach with so many dishes available.

In day time the market offers different items at shops while in night street vendors provide with finger licking street food items.

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Chaura Rasta Parking

Cars and bikes could be parked on either sides of the market depending upon the availability of the space. However, the best way is to park your vehicles at Ramniwas bagh parking spot and hire an e-rickshaw to commute your further journey to old city.

Are there any hotels in Chandpole Bazar?

No, you will not find any hotels in Chaura Rasta. Although, a beautiful haveli converted to hotel is hardly a walk away from this market.

Chaura Rasta Timings

The market opens around 10 AM and most shops close by 8 PM. Local food shops in Jaipur open as early as 7 and some are open till 9:30 PM in night.

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How to reach Chaura Rasta in Jaipur?

This market in Jaipur is located between new and old Jaipur. Thus, it is accessible from every part of the town. It could be reached by Car, Bus, Tax, Cab or Bike.

Chaura Rasta is in alignment with JLN Marg. Consequently it leads to Jawahar Circle and Jaipur International Airport.

Here is a list of nearest Bus Stand, Metro Station, Railway Station and Airport with their respective distances from Chaura Rasta.

Here are some nearby localities of Jaipur from Chaura Rasta.

  • Rajapark
  • C-Scheme
  • Jouhari Bazar
  • Tonk Road
  • Bani Park

This was all about Chaura Rasta market in Jaipur city. I hope you’ll definitely go for a walk here and will enjoy shopping in one of the market in walled city. Do share your feedback and questions in the comment section below.

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