List of Covid 19 Testing Labs in Jaipur

The following write-up will help you locate the COVID 19 Testing Labs in Jaipur. The Corona pandemic is showing no signs of subsiding in India. Every day thousands of patients are coming out positive for Covid-19.

Our Jaipur was under the lockdown for a long period of time and it may take another month to get complete control of the situation. When the first cases emerged in March 2020, there were few COVID-19 testing centers in Jaipur. But now there are seven Government Recognized Corona Testing Centers in Jaipur out of 24 in Rajasthan state.

COVID 19 Testing Labs in Jaipur
COVID 19 Testing Labs in Jaipur

As the numbers grew, it became eminent for the state government to approve some private testing laboratories to conduct tests. Here are the COVID 19 testing centers in Jaipur:

Private or GovernmentReferral Required
Military HospitalGovernmentYes
Dr. B Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
SMS Hospital
Brig. T.K.Narayanan Department of Pathology, Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital cum Medical Research Institute
Central Laboratory, Mahtma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology
RUHS College of Medical Sciences
Jaipur National University Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Center

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What is the COVID 19 test price?

For public interest, the Rajasthan Government has also fixed the charges for COVID 19 testing labs in the state.

For a lab test, any private Laboratory can charge Rs.2200 per test, for COVID Treatment any private hospital can charge Rs.2000 per day and Rs.4000 for a ventilator bed in ICU.

Disclaimer – The above list is for information purpose only and if you have been exposed to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), or have developed any symptoms (cough, fever or difficulty breathing), you are suggested to immediately call the Govt. of India helpline 1075 or the Rajasthan state helpline numbers (0141-2225624/2225000 Toll-Free No: 104/108) for assistance.

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#JaipurLove team requests you to follow the guidelines issued by the Government. Eat healthy, practice Yoga for building immunity, and stay safe.

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