12985/86 Train Review: Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur Train Timing, Ticket and Experience

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It’s time you read everything about Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur Train. I’ve been a regular traveller between Delhi and Jaipur, since my teenage. And, Indian Railways has been my favourable mode of commuting.

Earlier, the only option I had to either reserve a Sleeper or AC class ticket, or travel with the crowd, which we all know how unexplainable can be.

12985/86 Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur

Since last three years, I’ve been using Double Decker train, initiated by Indian Railways in 2012 and I must say, the experience with this train, is nothing you can compare to other trains.

Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur Train
Picture credit: wikimedia.org

What is meant by Double Decker train?

Double Decker train name – there are two floors in the train, which clarifies its ‘Double’ Decker name.

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Best feature is that it’s ‘almost’ a non-stop train between Delhi and Jaipur or vice-versa.
Double Decker Jaipur Delhi Stops – The only stop it has in between Sarai Rohilla Delhi and Jaipur are Delhi Cantt, Gurgaon, Alwar, and Jaipur Gandhinagar.

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Also, the timing of this train has been scheduled perfectly to help Jaipurites reach Delhi in the day time, get over with their one-day work, and get back to the Pink City before the bed time.

Jaipur-Delhi Double Decker 12986 Timing

It starts at 6 AM from Jaipur Junction platform, and reaches the Saray Rohilla station of Delhi by 10:30 AM. If you wish to travel till Gurgaon, then it reaches the station by 9:30 AM.

12985-86 Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur1

In return, the same train starts at 5:35 PM from Saray Rohilla station of Delhi, and reaches back to Jaipur Junction by 10:05 PM.

Train NumberTrain NameDepartureArrivalTravel duration
12985DEE DOUBLE DCKERJaipur - 06:00 AMDelhi S Rohila - 10:30 AM04 hour 30 minute
12986DEE DOUBLE DCKERDelhi S Rohila - 05:35 PMJaipur - 10:05 PM04 hour 30 minute

So, the timings are perfect for a one day tour of Delhi, which usually fits for shopkeepers, business persons and many other fellows like me, who has to travel for some single day work, and likes to return back home on the same day.

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Jaipur Delhi Double Decker Ticket Fare

Apart from the goodies of timing, one can travel in a normal CC class for 490 INR. It can vary depending on how you book Jaipur Delhi Double Decker ticket.

12985-86 Train Review1

There are two classes offered in the train, CC, and EC. While the whole train is air conditioned, the EC class is luxurious than what CC offers. For any normal or even a business person, CC class can offer a comfortable ride.

Executive Class in Double Decker train – EC Class in Double Decker costs 1190 INR, offering a 2 by 2 seating arrangement. It’s regular Shatabdi Executive Class coach.

To check ticket availability and book it online, kindly refer to IRCTC official website.

DEE-JP Double Decker Train Food

Is food provided in double decker train? – Inside the train, Indian Railway Catering service offers a list of food, breakfast, and beverages, of course, at an additional cost. My favourite part in the menu is their Cheese Sandwich costing about 35 INR.

DEE-JP Double Decker Train Food
Picture credit: indiarailinfo.com

During the morning trip to Delhi, breakfast is the usual offering, but during the return, they even serve dinner at request. During both ways, you can order custom breakfast or dinner, as per their available menu.

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And yes, the Tea and Coffee offered inside is still better than what one can expect from the station outlets. The Ministry of Railways has confirmed the tie-up with Chaisa, a restaurant chain famous for its quality tea and coffee.

Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur Train Experience

Keeping the business persons in mind, Indian Railways has offered a charging point at every row, both sides, and even offers a laptop or magazine shelve, attached to the back-side of front seat.

Double Decker Train Delhi to Jaipur Seating Plan
Double Decker Train Delhi to Jaipur Seating Plan

In the middle row, a wide centre table is offered, as there is no way to offer that attached shelve. So, you can easily expect to work while travelling.

My MacBook Air doesn’t fits comfortably in the deck, but its good enough to allow me write and read on-the-go. Thanks to regular data connectivity, most of the travellers are watching movies during the whole commute.

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Seats are comfortable and have good cushions underneath. Every seat has hand-rests and a water bottle reck too. An additional space on top of seats is for luggage, but only for light ones. No way, you can travel with heavy luggage in this train, so please avoid that.

The train is usually cleaned and there is a dedicated team to collect the garbage.

Conclusion – the journey is comfortable and it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes from origin to reach the destination. It’s clearly among the fastest trains between Delhi to Jaipur.

Helpful Tips

Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur Train interior
Picture credit: rediff.com
  1. If possible, ask the person at ticket window to offer you seat in centre row. It has more leg space and a wide centre table.
  2. If you’re carrying more luggage, then try and get seat which is near to the entry gates. There are couple of seats before the dual partition begins, and these seats are offered with wider storage compartments.
  3. You can either book a seat via IRCTC online, a day before. If you missed it, then a valid ticket can be bought from offline ticket counter too.
  4. If you get just the entry ticket without reservation from offline counter then additional charges of 40-60 INR will be collected by the ticket collector.

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Let me know if you’ve any other queries in the comment section below.

Over to you now

This post was based on what I experienced and knew about Double Decker Delhi to Jaipur train. It is definitely one of the fastest comfortable way to travel between the two known cities of our country.

Alternatively, I’ve regularly travelled in RSRTC and Private AC buses which usually costs about 600-900 INR and takes at least 5-6 hours to reach the destination. Also, the highway way comes second to train in terms of safety.

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Now, its time to share your experience below. Don’t forget to share this useful post with your friends, who might be still unaware of this special train. Want to know more about Pink City? Check our detailed coverage on Jaipur city and do like our Facebook page.

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  1. I think executive class is way too costly
    And no special experience as such
    And meals are served as per request though chargeable 😂

    • Agree with you on the cost part. It should cost around 700 INR max. The major difference between EC and CC is the 2-2 chair arrangement and a better leg space.


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