First in India, e-Waste Recycling Kiosk to be implemented in Pink City

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In the age of dying whales due to plastic intake, State Government in Rajasthan has planned a green move to fight against the growing e-waste. As per the official reports, e-Waste recycling kiosks will be setup in Jaipur where citizens can drop the unused and waste electronic items.

eWaste Recycling Kiosk in Jaipur

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It surely is a good news as electronic waste or e-waste is a growing problem for the world. In a city like Jaipur where IT and Electronics usage is growing fast, a proper system for the recycling of ewaste is important.

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It may come as a surprise to you but the State Government of Rajasthan started this one of its kind service in India. Yes, this facility will be exclusive for Pink City local people for now.

If we believe the survey data conducted in 2005 and 2012, Rajasthan is producing approx 20 thousand tonnes of electronic waste every year.

As per the reports, there will be total 20 ewaste recycling kiosks setup in 20 fuel stations of Indian Oil and HPCL brand. Anyone can visit these Indian Oil and HPCL fuel stations, go through the details of recycling and submit their waste electronic item. They will even get a good amount in return along with a chance to win exciting products as per the on-going offer.

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This campaign will definitely increase the awareness for electronic items and how we should control their use in day to day life for the better of environment across the city. It will also setup a leading example for other metro and tier 1-2 cities across India. Jaipur being the first one to implement such an idea.

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ई-वेस्ट हटाओ घर को सुरक्षित बनाओ – This is the official slogan of the campaign which will run from June 5 to June 7, 2018. A rally will start at 6 AM from SMS Stadium on June 5, Tuesday. Gajendra Singh Khimsar, the Rajasthan Minister for Forest and Environment will inaugurate an e-waste storage centre at IOC Fuel Station on Sehkar Marg.

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Feeling proud, ain’t you? Use the share button, let citizens of other cities know about it so that they can also ask their government officials to run a similar campaign.

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