Famous Street Food Place in Jaipur – Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale

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It is said that to learn the true culture of Pink City you must try Street Food in Jaipur. And most of the Jaipur people would agree on that. One such spicy stop is Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale in Jaipur.

Where is Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wala in Jaipur?

The historical shop number 162 is located in Tripolia Bazar in Jaipur. It is near a place called ‘Thandi Pyau’. The typical street food place in Jaipur is a buffet only place. You can enjoy the delicious crispy fritters  and also check the daily life of people of Jaipur at the shop.

Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wala Jaipur
Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wala Jaipur

History behind success of Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale

Jagannath Sharma hailed from a very small village of Alwar. When he came to Jaipur some 80 years ago he worked at a famous sweet shop. Many years later he started selling fritters on a Cart in Tripolia Bazar.

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Soon, people of Jaipur developed a taste for his Pakodi. Thereafter, he purchased a shop in Tripolia Bazar. It was the very place where he used to sell fritters on a cart. And now children from the 4th generation of the family are running the business successfully.

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Why Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale is so famous?

The shop is from the era when Jaipur was confined to walled city only. It was way before the age of Instagram food. Of course, the shop has a value because they have kept the taste and quality of their pakodi intact for almost a century now. But also, people of Jaipur relate to the shop. Most of the families in Jaipur know about the place.

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For generations they have been eating their fritters. Even today during the rainy season or winters people come to this street food shop of Jaipur from many kilometers away.

Unlike other shops, Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale sell fritters throughout the year.

Many people who explore the new places to have breakfast in Jaipur end up at this shop. Even in the summer days many locals start their day with delicious fritters.

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Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale
Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale

What to eat when at the Shop?

Pakodi or Fritter is a piquant deep fried dish from Indian subcontinent. It is made by deep frying pieces of spicy chickpea paste. At Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale you will find –

  • Fritters made of simple spicy Gram flour
  • Fritters made of Pulses
  • Samosa
  • Fritters made of Potato dipped in gram flour

The dish is served hot. You may try any or all of the above. And don’t forget to ask for the tangy coriander chutney.

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Other places of interest around Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale –

The shop is located in between the busy market of Jaipur. It is an ideal place for photo walks, shopping and sightseeing. Here is a list of other places of interest with their respective distances from Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale –

Streek Food in Jaipur
Street Food in Jaipur

Timings of Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale in Jaipur

The shop opens at 8 in morning for breakfast in Jaipur. It closes by 9:30 in night.

How to reach Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale in Jaipur –

The shop is situated in between of tourist circuit in Jaipur. Therefore, it is easily accessible from every part of Jaipur. It could be reach by bus, car, taxi, auto or an e- rickshaw. Or you can rent a bike in Jaipur to reach the shop.

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