Garh Ganesh Temple Timing, Architecture, How to Reach and other info

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What is Garh Ganesh? It is a historic temple in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Garh Ganesh is one of the major places of worship for Hindus in Jaipur. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Where is Garh Ganesh Temple?

This temple is situated on the top of Kadamb Dungri, Nahargarh Hill. The Mandir overlooks Jaipur City on one side and Nahargarh Fort on the other. It serves as the North East (Ishan Kone as per Vastu Shastra) border of the City.

Garh Ganesh Jaipur

History of Garh Ganesh Temple

Sawai Jai Singh ll performed sacred Ashwamedha Yagna before Jaipur was established. He constructed the shrine and built the temple of Lord Ganesh after successful completion of Yagna. Therefore, it could be said that the temple is around 300 years old.

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The temple is built in form of a small fortress. Sawai Jai Singh ll constructed the temple on the top of a hill. Provided that, the statue was placed in such a way that it keeps its auspicious eyes on the City of Jaipur.

Garh means Fort in Hindi. Thus, Garh Ganesh literally means Ganesha of the Fort.

Interesting Garh Ganesh Temple Facts

garh ganesh jaipur temple timing info
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  • On the contrary to Pink City this temple is coloured yellow.
  • The only way to reach the Mandir is by trekking for 500 meters.
  • There are 365 stairs to the temple, signifying 365 days of the year.
  • This temple was built using Tantrik Rituals.
  • For many years there was no electricity in this temple. It was by the efforts of local leader Late Girdhari Lal Bhargava that the temple was electrified.
  • Maharaja of Jaipur use to see the Idol using binoculars every morning.

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    Religious significance

    Ganesha is revered god of prosperity, wealth and happiness. He is a god with head of an elephant and body of a human. But,

    Garh Ganesh is the only temple in India where Lord Ganesha are worshipped in human child form. (Purushakriti)

    This means the shrine of Ganesh is without a trunk.

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    On the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi a religious procession starts from Moti Dungri Ganesh Mandir and commences at foothill of Garh Ganesh Temple.

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    Garh Ganesh Jaipur info

    There are two statues of Mouses in the temple as they are considered ride of Ganesh. People of Jaipur believe that Bhagwan Ganesha blesses everyone with a pure heart. They recite their prayers in the ears of these mice. It is believed that their prayers are conveyed to God by these Mice.

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    Why one must visit Garh Ganesh Jaipur temple?

    The 500 meters uphill distance to the temple is kind of a mini trek. Although the temple is adjacent to walled city of Jaipur, it is part of Nahargarh hills. Once you reach on top you are welcomed by cool breeze. The place provides picturesque views of –

    • Jaipur City
    • Nahargarh Fort
    • Jalmahal
    • Nahargarh Valley
    • Gaitore cenotaphs

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    Other places of interest around Garh Ganesh temple

    Here is a list of other tourist attractions with their respective distances from the temple-

    Garh Ganesh Temple Timings

    Garh Ganesh TimingOpenClose
    Morning7 AM12 PM
    Evening4 PM9 PM

    Entry is free for all on all days. On Wednesdays and other festivals this place is visited by hundreds of devotees.

    Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple.

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    How to reach Garh Ganesh Mandir in Jaipur

    This shrine is located in the heart of pink city. You may reach up to Gaitore Royal Cenotaphs in Brahmapuri by car, taxi, auto, personal vehicle or rented bike. There is ample parking space in the foothill of the temple. Rest of the journey is covered by foot. But the views and peaceful environment compensates for the long walk.

    Garh Ganesh Jaipur

    Here is a list of nearest Bus Station, Railway Station & Air Port with their respective distances from the temple

    • Jaipur International Airport (14.8 Kms)
    • Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (5.8 Kms)
    • Jaipur Railway Station (4.9 Kms)

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