Gulab Ji Chai – A Cafe for Best Tea in Jaipur

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It is a known fact that Indians are crazy over Tea and people of Jaipur are not an exception. We would go the extra mile just to have a good cup of aromatic tea in Jaipur. ‘Where to get the best chai in Jaipur’ could be the most discussed topic after cricket. And Gulab Ji Cafe has raised the bar with his new café in town.

The love for tea is not limited to Indians. The heavenly drink is loved by foreigners as well. Be its monsoon season or winters, you will find the best chai ‘addas’ of Jaipur always crowded. Gulab Ji Chae Wale is one such joint. The legendary Chai shop in Jaipur has another outlet in Jaipur now.

Gulab Ji Chai
Gulab Ji Chai Cafe Banipark

The legend of Gulab Ji Chai Wale

Some seven decades ago when Gulab Singh Ji Dhirawat decided he wanted to open a Chai shop, he was discouraged by all including his own family members. This young lad hailed from a Rajput family (Marshal Race). Thus, the idea of selling tea was put down as it was considered a low profile work for him. However, working in the NBC factory he was able to save some money to start the tea shop which would eventually, become an integral part of Jaipur’s modern history.

The kind hearted Gulab JI distributes over 200 cups of tea every day, free of cost to the needy people.

Best Chai in Jaipur at Gulab Ji Chai Wale Café in Banipark

The same old taste of Indian Masala Tea could be sipped at the new café in Banipark area. The legendary Gulab Ji chai wale café is open for visitors. Unlike other two outlets in Jaipur; Ganpati Plaza & Masala Chowk, the Cafe in Banipark has open area for sitting. You can sit under the shades of trees and plants or on a segregated area meant for meetings.

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Best Tea in Jaipur
Best Tea in Jaipur at Gulab Ji Cafe

Where is Gulab Ji Chai Wale Café in Jaipur?

The Café is in Banipark area near Collectorate Circle on Madho Singh Road.

Here is another historical Tea Stall in the walled city of Jaipur – Sahu Chai Wala

Timings of Gulab Ji Chai Wala in Jaipur

The café opens at 5 in the morning and last orders could be made by 11 in the night.

Best Tea in Jaipur at Gulab Ji Cafe
Gulab Ji Chai Cafe in Jaipur

Why you should go to Gulab Ji Café?

You can visit the café to experience real life in Jaipur where people of all age groups like to spend time with their loved ones chitchatting and sipping tea. The menu of the café offers good options for a quick bite. And most importantly, you will have the best chai in Jaipur served at Gulab Ji Café.

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You can enjoy the refreshing tea with your friends and family in the open sitting area surrounded by trees and plants. The place is ideal for a small gathering.

Is parking available at Gulab Ji Café?

Only street parking is available.

Menu at Gulab Ji Chai
Menu at Gulab Ji Chai

How to reach Gulab Ji Café in Jaipur?

The Café is located in the heart of Jaipur and thus very well connected to each part of the city by road.


Bus Station – Sindhi Camp Bus Station 2.4 km

Railway Station – Jaipur Railway Station 1 km

Metro Station – Railway Metro Station 900 meters

Airport – Jaipur International Airport 10.8 km

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