Handi Restaurant Review: Jaipur’s Go To Place for Non-Vegetarian

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When we talk about non-veg food in Jaipur then it is obvious that Handi Restaurant will be discussed. Handi restaurant is synonym for non veg food in the Pink city.


Want to know why this place is so famous among locals and tourists? Read along as I share Handi Restaurant Jaipur Review here.

Handi Restaurant Jaipur Review: Legacy

This restaurant started serving finger licking non veg food from 1984. Yes, many of us were not even born at that time. The two major destinations of golden triangle in India share a bond that has influenced various aspects including cuisine.

As a result, people developed a taste of Mughlai dishes in Rajasthan too. And since its inception Handi Restaurant has made a name for serving delicious tandoori and mugalai dishes.

Handi is a Hindi word for an earthenware or metal pot used for cooking.

Where is Handi Restaurant in Jaipur?

This classic Handi restaurant is located on the busy MI Road opposite to General Post Office (GPO). The entrance of the restaurant is marked by the glow sign board for visitors.

It is very near from Sindhi Camp Bus stand and Jaipur railway station. Additionally, major places to visit in walled city of Jaipur are in the radius of 4 KMs from this place.

Ambience and Style

  • The main sitting area passes through a tandoor where you can see the staff workers showcasing their talent. The place could be considered old fashioned and dark. But the food compensates for the view.
  • It is developed fairly as a village dhaba but with a modern touch of dining hall. And the regular customers will reckon that they play old 70’s Bollywood music most of the times.
  • Not to mention that music goes so well with the ambience of the restaurant. This sitting hall is on the ground floor only.


  • Lucky for us the rooftop of Handi Restaurant opens as dining area in night. The great thing about the rooftop is the ambience which contradicts with the dining hall at the ground floor.
  • It is built and developed in style of a royal Rajput mansion.
  • In addition to the great ambience and food, there is a puppet show organized by the restaurant regularly.

Now let’s get to the main reason of visit to a restaurant.

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Cuisine and Prices

The menu is extensively developed keeping in mind the travelers and their appetite. Many foreign tourists refrain from having the burning spicy food. At the same time Indian tourists crave for it.


In any case you may ask for details of preparation from the staff which seems to be well versed with the needs of their customers. The forte of Handi Restaurant is Lal Maans and rumali roti. Lal Maans is mutton cooked on low charcoal flame for hours before served.

Rumal is Hindi word for handkerchief. Rumali Roti gets its name as it is flattened bread (Roti) as thin as a handkerchief.

Many tourists who prefer to have vegetarian food must try Palak Paneer which is cottage cheese cooked in spinach curry. It is not spicy and is soothing for stomach. And if you are looking for lesser peppery non vegetarian dish then you must have Afghani chicken. It is chicken cooked in cashew and curd curry.

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At first the dishes may seem overpriced. But they surely match with the quick service and yummy food at Handi Restaurant Jaipur India.

It may cost 1000–1500 INR (around 22 USD) for two people. In India, you don’t necessarily need to tip the staff but who doesn’t love to be appreciated for their good work?

Handi Jaipur FAQs:

Q. Is alcohol served at Handi Restaurant?
A. No, they serve soft drinks only.

Q. Is parking facility available at Handi MI Road?
A. There is only street parking for vehicles.

Recently, two branches of the restaurant were opened to cater growing demands of customers. One is at Vaishali Nagar and another is Handi Fusion. However, the original company outlet Handi Restaurant is on MI Road.

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What are the timings of Handi Restaurant?

  • It opens for lunch at 11:30 AM and tandoors (ovens) are cooled by 3 PM.
  • Dinner services resume at 7 PM and last orders are taken at 10:45 PM.

How to reach Handi Restaurant in Jaipur?

The place is located on busiest street of Jaipur therefore, very well connected to every part of town. Here is a Google Map link for Handi Restaurant.

Enjoy the palatable Mughal, Rajput or Punjabi food at Handi MI Road and don’t forget to show us your love by sharing review in the comment section below.

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