These 9 Hawa Mahal Facts will make you visit Jaipur right away

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Reading these Hawa Mahal facts will definitely make you plan a visit to Jaipur city in India.

Hawa Mahal Facts

The structure have been face of State Tourism and is an iconic structure among all others across the globe. It’s iconic because of its interesting and unique architecture.

Hawa Mahal Facts

Let’s get started with the 9 Hawa Mahal facts. To start with the facts, Hawa Mahal is not just a straight wall but it’s a fort. Other than walking in front of it, it’s recommended to go inside and see the unique interiors.

Hawa Mahal Facts
  1. It is constructed with red and pink sandstone.
  2. There are 953 windows or jharokhas on the structure.
  3. It is 5 storey or 15 meters high.
  4. Due to Venturi effect cool wind passing through the windows, which keeps the palace pleasant during high temperatures.
  5. It is the tallest building in world standing without foundation. Yes, it is built without a foundation and it is standing at 87° leaning position.
  6. One can view Sargasuli, City Palace, Nahargarh, Jantar Mantar and streets of Jaipur from Hawa Mahal.
  7. Domed canopies, pillars, lotus and floral patterns are Rajput style architecture form while filigree works are inspired from Mughal Architecture.
  8. The monument is maintained by Archeological Survey of India.
  9. A museum in the palace showcases artifacts and weapons of Rajputana.

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