Hawamahal Jaipur – Facts, History and Latest Info on Wind Palace

Hawamahal Jaipur or Palace of Winds is undisputed Face of Rajasthan Tourism. The beautiful architectural design leaves visitors awestruck.

It is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan and is a monument which sums up the rich past and glory of Rajputana.

Palace of Wind Jaipur Rajasthan

Question – What is Hawamahal?

Answer – It is a palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan famous for its unique beehive like design.

Question – Where is Hawamahal?

Answer – It is located in heart of Walled City of Jaipur. It is next to Badi Chaupad.

Question – Who built Hawamahal? / When was Hawamahal built?

Answer – It was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh ji of Jaipur in 1799 AD.

History of Hawamahal

Maharaja Pratap Singh (1778 – 1803 AD) built Hawamahal in 1799 AD. This architectural milestone was designed by Ustad Lal Chand ji.

facts about Hawamahal

During the times of late 17th century Rajput ladies practiced ‘purdah’ due to centuries of foreign aggression. It is said that the monument was built for the ladies of royal house from where they could see all the celebrations and daily life in bazars of Jaipur while keeping their privacy intact.

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It was inspired from Palace of Khetri (Wind Palace, Jhunjhunu) which was built by Bhopal Singh ji in 1770. Pratap Singh ji was a ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and thus it was designed and built in such a way that it resembles crown of Lord Krishna.

Interesting facts about Hawamahal:

  1. Hawamahal Visiting HoursIt is constructed with red and pink sandstone.
  2. There are 953 windows or jharokhas on the structure.
  3. It is 5 storey or 15 meters high.
  4. Due to Venturi effect cool wind passing through the windows, which keeps the palace pleasant during high temperatures.
  5. It is the tallest building in world standing without foundation. Yes, it is built without a foundation and it is standing at 87° leaning position.
  6. One can view Sargasuli, City Palace, Nahargarh, Jantar Mantar and streets of Jaipur from Hawamahal.
  7. Domed canopies, pillars, lotus and floral patterns are Rajput style architecture form while filigree works are inspired from Mughal Architecture.
  8. The monument is maintained by Archeological Survey of India.
  9. A museum in the palace showcases artifacts and weapons of Rajputana.

Pratap Singh ji built it as an extension to City Palace of Jaipur. Opposite to popular belief, it is back side of the palace. The entry is from Tripolia Bazar side.

A majestic entry gate welcomes visitors to one of the grand courtyard. The rajput styled courtyard is surrounded by two storey buildings from three sides and structure in the eastern side. The fountains in the courtyards add beauty and breeze to the already magnificent palace.

The names of five storeys of Hawamahal are:

  1. Sharad Mandir – the first one, where the autumn celebrations took place.
  2. Ratan Mandir – because of its glass work the storey is called Ratan Mandir.
  3. Vichitra Mandir – Maharaja Pratap Singh ji used to worship Lord Krishna on this storey and wrote poems in devotion.
  4. Prakash Mandir – the fourth is with open terrace on both sides.
  5. Hawamahal – the fifth storey is known as Hawamahal after which the whole structure got its name.

Wind Palace Jaipur Entry Fees

Tourist TypeHawamahal Entry Cost (INR)
Indian50 Rs
Foreigner200 Rs

Hawa Mahal Visiting Hours

Hawamahal opens at 9 AM in morning and closes at 4:30 PM in eveningThe best time to visit Hawamahal is in early morning when the sun rays reflect on the Rajput styled orange pink enticed Hawamahal.

Even if you miss visiting it from inside you can always click a selfie in front of Palace at any time of the day.

It takes an hour to visit Hawamahal.

How to reach Hawa Mahal?

It is located in the center of walled city of Jaipur. It is very well connected to every part of the city by buses, auto, taxi, cabs and e-rickshaws.

How to reach Hawa Mahal

Nearest Airport to Palace of Winds – Jaipur International Airport (12.1 KMS) Nearest Bus Station – Sindhi Camp Bus Stand Jaipur (3.2 KMS) Nearest Railway Station – Jaipur Junction (5 KMS)

Must Visit Tourist places near Hawa Mahal:

  • Sargasuli (1.2 KMS)
  • Jantar Mantar (700 Meters)
  • Albert Hall (2.3 KMS)
  • Kalki Temple (270 Meters)
  • City Palace (270 Meters)

As most of the jewellery showrooms, garment shops, handicraft shops and food shops are near by a photo walk is recommended after or before visiting the Palace of Wind in Jaipur.

Hawamahal Jaipur – Facts, History and Latest Info on Wind Palace
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