How to be Safe in Jaipur or India? 20+ Points to Remember for Tourists

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How to be safe in Jaipur or India can be on a tourist’s mind before planning the trip. Safety is the prime concern for every tourist and it certainly is for administration and honest people.

Before even planning a trip to India every traveler faces this question in his or her mind that is India safe for tourists?

Jaipur Tourism for foreigners
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Well, apart from some exceptions it definitely is safe to visit India for males as well as females. I’m not saying it for statement purpose but it’s coming from my personal and friend’s experience of being to all corners of India and Jaipur.

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Is Jaipur safe for tourists?

Jaipur is famous amongst tourists for its vibrant culture, royal palaces and exquisite hospitality. With growing connectivity and infrastructure the percentage of tourists visiting Jaipur is growing every year.

It is estimated that every 1 out of 5 foreign tourists visiting India makes a trip to Jaipur.

With such number of domestic and foreign tourists, it becomes our responsibility to ensure safety for everyone. And government has taken necessary steps to provide safe environment for all.

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But, as any other tourist destination of the world Jaipur too has some black sheep. Scammers target innocent tourists to cheat.

After through research our team has compiled a list of steps for tourists which will be helpful for them to be safe in Jaipur or for that instance in India.

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How to be safe in Jaipur or India?

  1. Try to book your hotel/accommodation & rides prior to your visit. Avoid hopping in without a booking to avoid hassles.
  2. Get a local Sim Card – as soon as you land in India you must get a local sim card of mobile service providers in India. The connection could be prepaid (pay as you go) or postpaid. These sim cards could be purchased at kiosks of mobile service providers at International Airports. Necessary documents for mobile sim card are passport size photographs (usually 2), Passport photocopy & Indian Visa photocopy. Original Passport & Visa are required for verification purpose only. A local number will ensure better connectivity and internet connection.
  3. Always carry a power bank – internet connection & GPS drains mobile batteries quickly. It is necessary that your phone is always on. You should charge your phone 100% before leaving you accommodation and carry a power bank just in case you are out for long.
  4. Research about the locality of your hotel or accommodation before booking – You can use Facebook groups or other travel forums to enquire about the safety in locality of your preferred hotel. Also, check the distances of your destinations from your hotel. Avoid booking a hotel or accommodation far away from city limits.
  5. Keep emergency numbers on speed dial – before going out to a city, keep emergency contact numbers like police, hotel or taxi on a speed dial. A dedicated helpline for women could be reached 27*7 at 1091. Please note that emergency services number in India is 100. You close friend or relative’s number should be clearly named in contact list in case of any medical emergency.
  6. Note down auto, taxi numbers before hopping in. Also, share these with your friends or relatives. If possible make sure your driver knows you have noted the registration number and shared with your contacts.
  7. Keep the windows of your ride up while travelling. People always try to sell things and sometimes they look for a chance to steal bags, mobiles etc.
  8. Before availing services of a tour operator, make sure they are recognized by Tourism Department of India or Rajasthan.
  9. Always know in advance about the place where you would be going. With growing use of internet it is easier to access information of almost every place. This will help in planning the journey and will help you to manage time.
  10. Before booking a hotel, guest house or dharamshala make sure they are recognized by the government.
  11. Always be aware of pick-picketers, beggars and fake sadhus. Beggars in India could be daring. You must always be aware of them as they sometimes are involved in stealing. Avoid trusting roaming sadhus. These sometimes are involved in drug racketeering.
  12. Chose carefully what you eat and where you eat – Indian food is spicy and Delhi belly (unfortunately) is not a myth. Make sure the place is hygienic. Street food in Jaipur is delicious but you should trust on your observations over street food vendors.
  13. Respect local culture and people – It may not be necessary for you to be a part of the traditions but you should always respect people and their culture. Like many temples in India do not allow photography inside the compound and they require you to remove your shoes before entering any place of worship.
  14. Always hire a government authorized tourist guide having a valid Red/Green/Yellow card authorized for tourism business. You will find many road side touts asking if you need a guide.
  15. Respect local law – it is advisable to research about local laws and rules. Avoid being a part of any suspicious activity that could lead to jail term. Selling and usage of marijuana is a criminal offense in India. Same way there are many places in India where consumption of liquor is a punishable offense. On some days sale of liquor is banned being a dry day. Learn more about it from the hotel administration or local contacts.
  16. Be careful of wild life – tourists find it thrilling to feed monkeys with their hands. But these wild creatures are unpredictable. A bite could cause you a trip to hospital. And in extreme cases it may cause rabies. For this reason, extra caution should be practiced around other animals.

How to avoid being scammed in India or Jaipur

You must always rely on your instinct and intelligence while shopping.

  • Always ask for a bill – always shop from showrooms and shops authorized by government. Being a customer it is your right to get a bill. A hard copy of bill will always ensure quality and service.
  • Say ‘No’ without being rude – Tour operators, tourism guides and taxi drivers would come at you with full intensity to sell their services or products. Learn to say no without being rude. Also, you can avoid their advice of shopping from a particular showroom or shop. As they have commission fixed from these showrooms or stores. This would save you from high prices and cheating.

How scammers lure tourists in their trap in India or Jaipur

There have been instances of organized cheating of tourists by unauthorized guides and touts. They lure tourists into selling –

  • Antique items, paintings, jewelry, sandal wood items, ivory items, diamonds, yellow sapphire, ruby, pearl, gold etc.
  • They cheat tourists by showing fake antique pieces as genuine ones, packing, substandard items and charging exorbitant prices.

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Therefore, be aware of any such touts trying to sell you such products under suspicious circumstances.

Steps for Female Tourists Traveling to India or Jaipur

These will help in your happy and safe traveling –

  1. Avoid going out in night – you should avoid going out in night. But if you need to, use hotel cab service or go out in groups. Let your whereabouts known to your loved ones (use Google Maps location sharing feature) or hotel administration.
  2. Don’t be too friendly with strangers – many Indian people like to say hi to a foreigner. While a reply won’t hurt anyone but you should always calmly turn down any offer for food, drink or selfies. Don’t stare down at men as it may be considered as a come-on.
  3. Dress appropriately – India is a country of hundreds of cultures and different worlds. It is always advisable to research about the place in advance before visiting. Like you must not wear revealing clothes to any place of worship. Always wear comfortable clothes unless you want to attract unnecessary attention.
  4. Use women compartment to avoid a crowded one while travelling in a metro. Because women compartments are comparatively safer and easy to go. Similar way, most roadways buses reserve seats for women passengers. Try to share seats with a woman passenger.

Will making a complaint work?

How to be Safe in Jaipur or India

Any crime against domestic or foreign tourists is taken very seriously by government. Dedicated Police stations are authorized for stopping crimes against tourists. In case of fraud, cheating or harassment do not hesitate to contact police department.

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Similarly, any crimes against women are dealt with highest priority. And victim’s identity is hidden as per Indian law. In the event of any incident you should contact Police department.

You can contact Police via phone or in person. Similarly, you could register your complaint via email also. You need to contact your embassy too which would help in fast resolution and justice.

24×7 Toll-free Rajasthan Tourist Helpline No.: 1800-111363

Rajasthan Tourism Department email – [email protected]

If you think we have missed on anything please let us know by commenting in comments section. This would help us to spread awareness and hence a safe travel environment.

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