International Jawa Yezdi Day 2018 – Ride to Pushkar from Jaipur

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On 8th of July a caravan of thunderous Yezdi bikes went to Pushkar from Jaipur. The proud riders flaunted their age old bikes. And onlookers were awestruck with the shiny and roaring bikes. The Vintage Bike Rally in Jaipur was an attempt to raise awareness for restoration of classic bikes.

Image source Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club
Image source Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club

International Jawa Yezdi Day

The event was organized on the International Jawa Yezdi Day 2018 by Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club.

Such events are celebrated on second Sunday of July every year by Jawa Yezdi owners all over the world. This event in Jaipur is being organised by the club every year since 2009.

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What is Jawa Moto? Or Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles?

Jawa Moto was a motorcycle and moped manufacturer from Prague, Czechoslovakia. Jawa was once a top motorcycle exporter and a regular name at most racing events. But with fall of communism the company too suffered the losses and had to limit its production and operations.

In 1960 Farrokh Irani founded Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd in Mysore which sold licensed Jawa Motorcycles in India.

Image source Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club
Image source Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club

In 1973 the brand name was changed to Yezdi Motorcycles. By 1996 company stopped the production.

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Even though the production of Yezdi bikes was stopped some 20 years ago, the craze for 2 stroke twin exhausts Yezdi bikes remains the same. Today these bikes hold a vintage and sentimental value for owners and bike enthusiasts.

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Why was production of Yezdi stopped?

The increasing competition from Yamaha & Honda motorcycles was a contributing factor in shut down of Yezdi. The company was facing trouble due to increasing pollution control norms which was hard to cope in 2 stroke engines. Ultimately the production was stopped in 1996.

Yezdi Bikes for sale today

Although, Yezdi bikes are out of production but there are many people who keep them like their babies. After all boys love their cars and bikes more than anything.

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If you are looking to buy a Yezdi model in Indian market you must understand the fact that these hold a vintage value. You may have to spend at least sixty thousand rupees to buy a Yezdi. And prices may vary with the condition of the bike.

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Problems Yezdi owners face today

  • Shortage of spare parts is the prime issue that Yezdi bike owners face. As the company has shut down its production, it’s hard to get original spare parts in market.
  • There aren’t many learned mechanics of Yezdi bikes in Jaipur or for that instance in India. If there is any issue in the bike it gets hard for the owners to get it repaired.

As told by proud Yezdi Owners Manish Saini & Anil Sharma

Image source Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club
Image source Rajasthan Jawa Yezdi Club

Future for Jawa Yezdi Bikes in India

The sun of drum rolls sounding Yezdi bikes will shine again in India. Mahindra & Mahindra’s subsidiary Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd will launch Jawa bikes in India soon. Though the management has not disclosed any date yet but all the bike lovers are eagerly waiting for the launch.

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  1. Love to see these guys for the great work they are doing to save vintage motorcycle pride. Kudos to everyone(Especially Anil and Manish & RJYC Team), who put the event together !


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