History of Isarlat Swargasuli Tower, Jaipur; Standing tall since 1749 AD

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Standing tall since 1749 AD, Isarlat was built by Sawai Ishwari Singh, the eldest son of founder of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh ll.

History of Isarlat Swargasuli Tower

Sri Sawai Maharaja Ishwari Singh was born in February 1722 or March 1721. He was eldest son of Sawai Jai Singh ll of Jaipur.

Facts of Isarlat Swargasuli Tower

Sawai Jai Singh ll was also married to Sisodia princess of Mewar but possibly with a condition that the son by Maharani Chandra Kanwar will be the king. But Sawai Jai Singh ll wanted Ishwari Singh to be the king which Maharana of Mewar didn’t approve of.

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Isarlat Jaipur Wiki – Soon the disputes lead to war for the crown between Sawai Ishwari Singh and Sawai Madho Singh who was the son of Maharaja Jai Singh ll from Maharani Chandra Kanwar ji. The first war was fought between the brothers in 1744.

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Sawai Ishwari Singh was approved as the crowned King by Mughal King Muhammad Shahand Marathas supported Sawai Madho Singh. Sawai Ishwari Singh with support from Mughals was able to defeat Sawai Madho Singh in the first war fought in 1747.

The two rivals met again in the war in 1747 and 1748 but the result was the same.

Sargasuli Tower in Jaipur was erected to commemorate the victory of Sawai Ishwari Singh over Sawai Madho Singh. Isarlat, popularly known as Sargasuli literally means passage to heaven because of its 140 ft height.

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Sargasuli is 7 stories high and was once the tallest building of pink city. Isarlat is built according to principles of Rajpur and mughal architecture. It was designed by Ganesh Khowan.

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Its circular staircases are built in such a way that ensures proper air and light in whole tower. Isarlat which also served as a watch tower to guard the residence of Royal family, City Palace now provides with a breath taking view of the city.

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Almost all major monuments could be spotted from its top storey which is open for tourists. This yellow coloured minaret contrasts with the pink buildings and markets and is visible from far distances.

Where is Isarlat Swargasuli Tower in Jaipur?

It could clearly be viewed from Tripolia Bazar but Isarlat Swargasuli Tower is in Aatish Market.

According to local legends, Ishwari Singh built the Isarlat to check on his minister which he doubted would conspire against him.

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Some others say that Sawai Ishwari Singh fell in love with the daughter of his top minister but could not marry her because she wasn’t from Royal linage. Sawai Ishwari Singh would see her from top of the Isarlat. However, most of the historians rule out any such claims.

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