Jaipur City Food Walk

You’ve been waiting to explore the food side of Pink City in India. Come explore the best and most recommended food joints of Jaipur.


From the Pyaj ki Kachaudi to Dal Bati Churma, we make sure you have the authentic taste of Jaipur.

Jaipur localites have been starting their day from delicious Pyaj ki Kachaudi followed by Chach-Rabdi. Lunch menu have always been accompanied with Boondi Raeta and the dinner is always served with at least one Chatney. How about you experience these all?

Jaipur City Food Walk - Walled City Photowalk and Sightseeing 1

Taste Jaipur’s Cuisines

Jaipur City Food Walk - Walled City Photowalk and Sightseeing 2

Gastronomic Jaipur Trip

This Jaipur city food tour will be unforgetable, both for your taste buds and for your Instagram profile.

The Full Day Jaipur city food trip starts with breakfast with a bunch of options in both Sweet and Spicy categories.

Lunch will be served hot accompanied with Boondi Raeta and fresh salad. It will be again at a local and popular joint which is popular among both locals and tourists.

Rajasthani special dinner will finish off your Jaipur food trip, leaving an unforgettable note among your personal diary. We sure will make it a gastronomic Jaipur trip worth remembering and sharing on Instagram.

Taste the Local Food of Jaipur

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