Jaipur Food in Winter – 6 Items You shouldn’t miss in Pink City during winter

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It’s a hot topic, Jaipur food in Winter, isn’t it? Well, it should be. Let’s find out what all you get to eat in Jaipur during winter.

Winters are time for celebrations in Jaipur. The weather is favorable for tourists whether domestic or foreigners. People enjoy basking in sunlight and explore tourist destinations.

Jaipur Food in Winter
Types of Gajak in Jaipur

Weddings in India are fixed according to astrology and winters are preferred for most people as they want to avoid scorching heat of great Indian summers. In all winter in Jaipur is a time for family, outings and feasts.

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Jaipur Food in Winter

Cuisine of Jaipur has traditionally developed to fulfill the needs of human body according to seasons. In winters human body requires food that is full with nutritions and energy.

People of Jaipur are fond of sweets and what season is better than winters to feed those taste buds with delicacies made with natural ingredients.

Gud ki Chikki Rajasthan
Gud ki Chikki

In winters markets of Jaipur are vivaciously crowded with tourists and locals hovering over food shops, shops serving hot, spicy dishes and sweets.

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Jaggery in Jaipur

It won’t be injustice if we award Jaggery as ‘The Winter Food of Jaipur’. Sweets made of Jaggery or ‘Gud’ are loved by Jaipur people. Jaggery or gud which is made from sugarcane juice is a rich source of energy.

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Jaggery is made by boiling sugarcane juice till it solidifies. Gud is consumed directly or in form of sweets. Special thing about Gud is that it is free from any harmful chemicals unlike sugar. Apart from its value for the taste buds it is healthy too.

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People of Jaipur do not consider the meal complete until having a piece of Gud. The combination of Makke ki Roti, Gud and ghee is a blessing from Gods. Jaggery mixed with crushed Pearl Millet or Bajre ki Roti is loved by all. And some eat it with ground nuts.

Jaipur Gajak

People keep sweets made of Gud and sesame seeds for the winter seasons. These are offered to guests and eaten by all with charm. Sesame seeds and Jaggery are warm in nature and help keeping body warm.

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  1. Gud ki chikki is made of ground nuts mixed with gud.
  2. Til ke laddu is a dish made especially on Makar Sankranti but is consumed for most of the winter season.
  3. And Jaipur’s Gajak is loved by people all over India and abroad.

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Til Sakri Sweet
Til Sakri Sweet

Gajak in Jaipur

Gajak is made by mixing sesame seeds with Gud or sugar. Sometimes it is roasted for better taste. These sweets are available in almost every market. Tourists must have these winter specials of Jaipur.

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One can also make Till Mawa ki Gajak recipe as explained in this detailed recipe video.

And to balance sweetness with spices we have hot Pakodi and Pyaaz ki Kachori. Pyaaz ki Kachori is made with maida wheat flour filled with mashed potatoes, onions, black pepper and other spices.

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It is fried and served hot with coriander chutney. Pakodi is crushed pulses mixed with spices. The mixture is fried and served hot with either mango powder chutney or coriander chutney. These are available in most markets of walled city.

So, which winter recipe in Jaipur city are you going to try? My bet? You should try all Jaipur food in Winter I mentioned above!

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