Attending Jaipur Literature Festival? 5 Off Beat Things You can Experience

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If Jaipur is the holy river of words then Jaipur Literature Festival is the Kumbh of literature. The only difference is that Literature Festival is organized every year in winters.

About Jaipur Literature Festival

The first JLF was organized in 2006 and in 2020 this event is being organized from 23rd January to 27th January at beautiful Diggi Palace. With every year the number of people attending the event is increasing. Here is a list of speakers at JLF 2020.

What should we do while in Jaipur Literature Festival
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In 2019 the number of visitors crossed over 2 lakh people. There will be more than 300 speakers in the year 2020 at JLF. Many writers, panelists, speakers and audience visit Jaipur for the event and they have a common question.

What should we do while in Jaipur and have some time in between sessions at JLK 2020?

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5 Off Beat Things You can Experience during Literature Festival

Well, we have shortlisted 5 off beat things you can experience:

#1 Elephant Ride in Jaipur

While in Rajasthan do as the Royals do. Elephants are considered sacred and symbol of prosperity.

Elephant Ride in Jaipur

One can have the feeling of maharaja by riding Elephant on the way to Amber Fort. The ride start early in morning and usually the rotations are completed by noon.

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Distance from Diggi Palace: 11 km

#2 Visit Jawahar Kala Kendra

Jawahar Kala Kendra is a multi art center in Jaipur Rajasthan. People usually call it JKK. The center was designed by Charles Correa in 1986 and this is a place for Art enthusiasts.

Jawahar Kala Kendra 5 Off Beat Things

The place has an art gallery, theatre, café and open air theatre. And usually events and plays are hosted in them. An open ground aside JKK is reserved for Fairs for Artisans who want to showcase and sale their artifacts.

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Artisans from all over India participate in this fair. Products categories vary from jewellery, clothes, furniture, paintings to pottery, handicrafts etc.

Distance from Diggi Palace: 5 km

#3 Indian Coffee House on MI Road

To relive 60’s in Jaipur you must visit Indian Coffee House on MI Road. The old styled furniture, waiters wearing stiff white uniform with unique hats and welcoming smile will give you a feel of Parsi Café of Bollywood.

Indian Coffee House on MI Road

And of course food is delicious. For decades now the café is popular amongst foreign tourists, photographers and writers.

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A similar Indian Coffee House is also there inside the Jawahar Kala Kendra.

Distance from Diggi Palace: 1.5 km

#4 Jhalana Reserve Forest

Jaipur is guarded by Aravali hills from three sides. These are covered with tropical dry forests. These forests are home to leopards, hyenas, deers, sambhars, langoors and many species of birds.

Jhalana Reserve Forest
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Recently government opened up safari in Jhalana Reserve Forest for tourists where they can witness the beauty of flora and fauna of Jaipur in their natural habitat. Safari is scheduled twice in a day.

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The distance of Jhalana Reserve Forest entry from Diggi Palace is approximately 8 kms.

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#5 Photowalk in walled city of Jaipur

No other city has the protection of covered Baramadah from traffic, rains and harsh sun light.

Photowalk in walled city of Jaipur Literature Festival

Walking in the walled city markets would give tourists and photographers a unique experience of Indian life. And of course many opportunities of shopping, food and interacting with local people. We organize Heritage City Walk regularly for tourists. It includes stories from past, cultural experience, and street food in the pink city.

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If you’re not the camera enthusiast, not even the selfie one then I’ll recommend doing this same activity under the flag of Foodwalk. 😉

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Do share these off beat things one can experience while attending Jaipur Literature Festival with your friends attending the event.

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