How Jaipur Celebrates New Year Eve? Do it Like Pink City Locals

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Here is everything about Jaipur New Year Eve celebration. Pink city is one of the best cities to travel during the winter period and celebrate new year.

India is a multicultural country, many religions, cultures and faiths co-exist. The best part is that we hand-pick the good parts of other cultures and transform them as ours with tints of Indian culture.

Same goes for Jaipur which is one of the fastest growing cities in India; socially and economically.

Jaipur New Year Eve Celebration

Like every other part of the world, New Year brings new hopes and new opportunities for the people of Jaipur India. December and January are peak months for tourism and travel in India.


Eventually, pleasant winter days in the city are loved by all. Thus, tourists from all over the world come to visit and celebrate New Year in Jaipur.

Jaipur hosts some most happening parties on the eve of New Year. But still, there are many people who like to be old school. Let’s go through how the multicultural Pink City celebrates New Year.

#1 New Year Parties in Jaipur

Open rooftop bars & lounges are the hottest trends in the city. Every disc and hotel organizes in-house parties targeting tourists, especially for New Year.


Very talented DJs from around the world, live performances, exotic food and hip culture make Jaipur a favourite for party goers. At many places, theme-based events are organized attracting crowds.

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It is always advised to pre-book your entry tickets and hotel accommodation for the big bash New Year in Jaipur.

#2 Going for a Long drive

As an administrative capital of Rajasthan State, Jaipur is connected with some National Highways. And nothing beats a romantic long drive on winter nights.

jaipur long drive

Excellent resorts, cafes and food joints make the travelling comfortable and adventurous for groups. And when it comes to long drives in the night, Jaipur people love to go Nahargarh at night.

For adventure seekers, camping at Sambhar Lake is a perfect choice. You need to reach the camping area before sunset and carry a tent, food, party items and enough water to drink till morning.

sambhar lake camping
Camping at Sambhar Lake

There is hardly any shop or service you’ll find nearby. This activity is not recommended for family outing.

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#3 New Year Jaipur celebrations with Family & Friends

Most of the locals organize small get together for close family members and friends. Most of the times it is organized on the rooftop under the open sky. And to beat the chilling winters small bonfire is also lit up.

jaipur winter food
Baajre ki Roti

People enjoy home cooked food and other winter foods of Jaipur till late at night. As the hands struck 12, everyone greets each other and wish them well for New Year. And yes, we love to burst exciting firecrackers to welcome New Year in Jaipur.

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#4 Visiting a Temple in Jaipur

People in Jaipur associate many things with culture and religion. Predominantly Vedic culture is followed in Pink City but as Georgian Calendar was introduced people started celebrating western festivals too including New Year.

jaipur temple new year eve
Akshardham Temple Vaishali Nagar

Many people believe that the coming New Year will be the same as they spend their first day of the year. Check out the list of Jaipur Temples with details on each.

Therefore, they start their new year by going to a temple, donating clothes & foods to needy and praying to the God. Many social organizations distribute free milk on the eve to oppose alcohol consumption.

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Things to Remember to Avoid Inconvenience

  • Avoid going to unknown or lesser known places.
  • Pre-book your seats and accommodation.
  • Do not drink and drive. Jaipur Police is very strict and runs operations against drunk drivers, especially during night of New Year.
  • Hire a taxi or cab if you had too much to drink.
  • Follow traffic rules rigorously.

If you’re planning to celebrate New Year in Jaipur, we recommend checking out best places to visit in Jaipur for your upcoming days in the city. Party hard and be safe.

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