Jaipur renames a circle to Pink Circle on Mother’s Day, acknowledging female constable’s work

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In a special move to increase awareness about traffic rules and support women’s role in managing city traffic, Yadgar Circle in Jaipur was renamed to Pink Circle.

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From now on, this busy circle of Jaipur will be operated and managed by female traffic police constables only.

Yadgar Circle renamed to Pink Circle in Jaipur

A special ceremony was organized on the occasion of renaming Yadgar Chauraha to Pink Chauraha.

City’s traffic is managed by about 50% female constables and this move is aimed towards increasing awareness and respect for their work among Jaipur’s citizens.

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Special Facilities for Women at Pink Circle Jaipur

A special kiosk is set up at the Pink Circle having basic facilities like an automatic vending machine, milk feeding, sanitary napkins and much more. The kiosk will be operated by female constables from now on to help any women in need.

Picture Credit – Bhaskar.com

Mr Anand Srivastava, Police Commissionerate of Jaipur informed about the kiosk having women specific facilities at the newly named circle. It helps with the awareness of women’s role in managing the city’s traffic.

Female constables will always be available at the kiosk for any female who is looking to get traffic information or quick help.
Mr Anand confirmed that they are working on increasing such facilities to other prime locations of the Jaipur city in the near future.

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A special seminar was also organized by female police officers and constables who shared much-needed knowledge about eating healthy food and way to live a stress-free life.

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