Jaipur’s Traffic Rules – Learn How to have a Safe Drive to the Pink City

The great Rajasthan winter has stretched its arms in welcoming all tourists, domestic and international. And the most important destination in Golden Triangle, Jaipur is welcoming all with same pink warmth. This article will help you with the basic traffic rules and updated List of Traffic Rules Challan in Rajasthan.

Jaipur Traffic Rules and Rajasthan Traffic Rules Fines
Jaipur Traffic Rules and Rajasthan Traffic Rules Fines

The Pink City has the advantage of being the administrative capital and geographically reachable for tourists from neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and National Capital (Delhi to Jaipur). Of course, it offers a lot to tourists from heritage to modern, from the ease of traveling to great food and many more.

But with growing tourism opportunities poses many challenges for local administration and traffic police. They are already working day in and day out so that tourists don’t face any trouble.

In the line sometimes traffic police are blamed for being picky of targeting cars from outside Rajasthan registration number.

As the number of tourist vehicles will increase so will the pressure on Traffic Police and local administration. We have compiled a list of points to remember for tourists visiting Jaipur by their own vehicle.

Jaipur Traffic Rules – Driver’s Handbook


Let us discuss them so that whenever you are visiting Jaipur or Rajasthan you may have a safe and pleasant stay:

#1 Important Documents to Carry

If you are visiting Jaipur by your own Car, Bike, or have rented a self-driven Car then there are three prime documents that you need to carry along with you.

  1. Valid Driving License
  2. Insurance Certificate of Vehicle
  3. Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate.


In case of routine check also you are asked to show these documents. Thus, always carry them with you.

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#2 Seat Belt is a Must


Unlike many other cities people of Jaipur follow the rule of wearing a seat belt rigorously. And Traffic Police would stop you immediately if seen driving a car without wearing a seat belt.

#3 Helmet for Rider and Pillion is a Must


Years ago Jaipur Police strictly implemented the rule of wearing Helmet for Bike riders and pillion riders. This helped in reducing casualties in road accidents. Remember, your safety is important to us too.

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#4 Following Google Maps

Use Google traffic details before you start your journey. During long weekends the city is overcrowded with tourist vehicles. Traffic updates will help you chose alternate and convenient routes.

We again recommend researching about the best routes for your journey prior to starting one. Although Jaipur has some of the broad roads at some places they are one way only. Check out the list of best places to visit in Jaipur and plan accordingly.

#5 Be Updated of Local Events

Being an Administrative capital Jaipur is also a center of major political activities and events. Therefore, many rallies, cultural events, sports programs are organized throughout the year in Jaipur city.

Jaipur Traffic Police actively updates about upcoming events and traffic status on their social media handles. Follow them on Facebook.

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#6 For Party Animals

We know it’s party time but so does Jaipur Police. Check posts and teams are assigned during late hours to catch hold of drunk drivers. So don’t mix alcohol with driving.

#7 Speed Trap Cameras

We have off-road racing tracks around Jaipur but JLN road is not one of them. Traffic Police have installed Speed Trap cameras at multiple locations for speeding drivers. Speeding over the limits could get you fined or jailed.

jaipur city traffic rules
JLN Road Jaipur

Interceptor Vans are placed on multiple locations at highways around the city. So, take note of the speed limit signboard and keep the vehicle within the mentioned limits.

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#8 Avoid Phone Calls while Driving

Rajasthan Traffic Rules Fines

How would you like to make calls while being fined for using a phone while driving? We guess not so fun. Interceptor Vans are installed with cameras to capture images of drivers which could be used to find the offenders.

#9 Parking

Parking your vehicle at no-parking zones may be convenient for you but it creates an obstruction for others. Be a smart citizen and park your vehicles at scheduled spaces only.

Bonus Tips – Apart from these there are some general rules that you need to follow like no tinted glasses, no bumpers, no high beam in the city area, etc., that you need to follow while driving a car or bike in Jaipur.

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Here is the updated list of Traffic Rules Fine in Rajasthan

Please note that this is for general awareness only, any update in the rules or fines must be cross-checked with the concerned authority.

Category of Traffic Rule ViolationFine as per Rajasthan Government
Common OffenseTwo Wheeler (₹ 100)
Four Wheeler (₹ 200)
Use of Mobile while driving₹ 1000
Driving without seat belt₹ 1000
More than two riders on a two wheeler₹ 1000
Without helmet₹ 1000
Drink and drive₹ 10000
Not giving way to emergency vehicles ₹ 10000
Rash drivingFirst offense ₹ 1000
Second offense ₹ 10000
Ignoring the directions of traffic police₹ 500
Overspeeding₹ 1000
Over-speeding a heavy vehicle₹ 2000
Without insuranceFirst offense ₹ 2000
Second offense ₹ 4000
Jumping a red light ₹ 1000
Driving insecurely Two & Three wheeler ₹ 500
Driving with an expired or terminated driving license ₹ 5000
Racing without permission First offense ₹ 5000
Second offense ₹ 10000
Without registration or fitnessTwo wheeler ₹ 2000
Without permit₹ 10000
Overload ₹ 20000 then ₹ 2000 per ton
Driving in a prohibited area₹ 20000
Overload passenger vehicle₹ 100 per passenger

The most beautiful and thus most visited area is the Walled city of Jaipur. It is the place for most tourist destinations. Jaipur administration has an excellent parking facility for tourist vehicles at Ramniwas Bagh Parking. The walled city is hardly a walk away from there.

Additionally, the drop facility by E-Rickshaws is provided to the walled city to tourists free of cost. We suggest you park your vehicles and avoid the inconvenience of traffic jams, lack of parking spaces, etc.

Have a happy, safe, and pleasurable trip to the Pink City of India. Do share your inputs or past experience of transiting in Jaipur city in the comments section.

Graphics Source – Jaipur Traffic Police FB Page


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