Must Read Interesting Facts of Jal Mahal in India and its Architecture

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The water palace of India has plenty of surprising facts to know. Here I’m sharing interesting Jal Mahal facts that will definitely make you plan a trip to Rajasthan.

Jal Mahal Facts

Interesting Jal Mahal Facts

Let’s get into the Jal Mahal facts right away.

  • It is also known as Romance Palace because of its exotic environment and architecture.
  • Kings use to spend their leisure time in this palace with their ladies.
  • The reflection of the palace in lake gives illusion of multi storeys.
  • Actually only one storey is over the water level.
  • Decorative lights brighten up the palace in night.

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Jal Mahal Architecture

The palace is made of red sand stone. The 5 storeys palace does not have any chambers but pavilions and roof top garden called Chameli Bagh. First four storeys are immersed in water and what is visible from the banks is the top floor and roof.


The cubical palace is influenced by Rajput and Mughal architecture. On all corners of the palace are domes or chhatriya and in center is a chhatri made in Bengali style.

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Even after two centuries the palace seems unharmed by dampness and seepage. The palace’s lost beauty was unfolded to the public after restoration in 2000.

How to reach Jal Mahal India?

It is 4 KMs away from walled city of Jaipur on the way to Amer. The place is very well connected to each part of town by buses, cabs, autos, taxis and e-rickshaws.

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Hiring a bike or cycle for Jaipur site seeing is a convenient and cost efficient option.

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