What is Jal Mahal? It’s a palace built in the middle of Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur Rajasthan. It is surrounded by Aravali hills from 3 sides and Jaipur city on the fourth side.

Jal Mahal Jaipur
Jal Mahal Jaipur

Where is Jal Mahal?

It is on NH 48 between Amer town and Jaipur. It is 4 kms away from walled city of Jaipur.

What does Jal Mahal means?

Jal is a hindi word which means Water and Mahal means Palace. Their conjunction literally means a Palace in Water. It is also famous as Water Palace of Jaipur.


During the reign of Raja Man Singh l in 1596 (before Jaipur was established) Amer state was facing severe draught causing shortage of water. Raja Man Singh constructed a Dam between two hills and the rain water was restored into a natural depression.

The lake formed by construction of dam was named Man Sagar Lake after King Man Singh. The dam was made of sand & stones and later restored by Maharaja Jai Singh ll in 18th century.

In 1799 AD Maharaja Jai Singh ll built Jal Mahal an exotic palace for his queens. The construction followed Ashwamedha Yagna, a sacred puja.

The palace was built for queens and ladies of royal house to bathe in man-made lake. Some small chambers were also raised around the main palace for maids of Royal ladies and guarding troops.

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The palace is made of red sand stone. The 5 storeys palace does not have any chambers but pavilions and roof top garden called Chameli Bagh. First four storeys are immersed in water and what is visible from the banks is the top floor and roof.

The cubical palace is influenced by Rajput and Mughal architecture. On all corners of the palace are domes or chhatriya and in center is a chhatri made in Bengali style.

Even after two centuries the palace seems unharmed by dampness and seepage. The palace’s lost beauty was unfolded to the public after restoration in 2000.

Interesting JalMahal Facts:

  • It is also known as Romance Palace because of its exotic environment and architecture.
  • Kings use to spend their leisure time in this palace with their ladies.
  • The reflection of the palace in lake gives illusion of multi storeys.
  • Actually only one storey is over the water level.
  • Decorative lights brighten up the palace in night.

Restoration of Man Sagar Lake:

Government of Rajasthan has declared Mansagar Lake and surrounding areas of 382.24 acres, a protected area. After 2000 government has taken many steps to preserve the heritage and ecology of the area.

Walk way around Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur
Walk way around Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur

Under the supervision of a Professor from Botany Department of Rajasthan University thousands of bushes and trees were planted in the surroundings of Jal Mahal. These plants were specially chosen to attract migratory birds and develop ecology in the region.

Under the restoration project a 2 kms long solid walk way was constructed in the foothills of mountains surrounding the lake. As a result these mountains are home to many wild animals and over 150 species of birds.

Jal Mahal is a popular site for Bird watching.

Some commonly asked question:

Question. Is Jal Mahal open for tourists?

Answer. No, the palace is not open for tourists but visitors can visit banks to capture golden colored palace.

Question. Is boat ride facility available in Jalmahal?

Answer. No boating facility is not available.

Question. How deep is Jalmahal Lake?

Answer. It is 15 ft or 4.5 meters deep.

Question. When do lights of Jalmahal Palace go off in night?

Answer. Lights in Jalmahal palace go off by 10 PM in night.

Jal Mahal by night
Jal Mahal by night

Question. Is car parking facility available around Jalmahal?

Answer. Yes, it is available opposite to lake and on side of the lake.

The lake site is developed in form of a chaupati. Tourists can spend as much time as they want and the entry to chaupati is free. The site is aside the water body with many trees, hence the area is cooler than rest of the spots in Jaipur.

Visitors can enjoy local flavors from street vendors here and enjoy picturesque view of contrasting yellow palace and glittering sky blue lake.

Camel Ride in Jaipur:

Some Camel herders offer Camel rides near Jalmahal in Jaipur. The ship of the desert is decorated colorfully with bright threads and bells by their owners.

Camel Ride by Jal Mahal Palace
Camel Ride by Jal Mahal Palace

Though it is hard to find any dunes in Jaipur city but the camel ride around the Water palace couldn’t be missed. The yoyo camel ride is an unforgettable experience for tourists. It costs from 400 INR to 1000 INR depending upon your bargaining skills.

Best Time to Visit Jalmahal:

Tourism season in Jaipur starts from October and ends by March end. During this time weather is congenial for travelers. Jalmahal could be visited any time in a day from dusk to 10 PM in night.

The beauty of the palace is highlighted differently during different times. Like in early morning when sun rises from behind the mountains of Jalamahal and in evening sun rays reflect on the yellow walls of water palace creating a glittering effect in water.

Or in night when the lights in Jalmahal reflect in water creating an aura.

Places to visit near Jalmahal:

  1. Kanak Vrindavan (2 Kms)
  2. Hawamahal (4.3 Kms)
  3. Nahargarh Fort (10.9 Kms)
  4. Jaigarh Fort (7.3 Kms)
  5. Amer Fort (4.8 Kms)

How to reach Jalmahal?

Jalmahal is 4 KMs away from walled city of Jaipur on the way to Amer. The place is very well connected to each part of town by buses, cabs, autos, taxis and e-rickshaws. Hiring a bike or cycle for Jaipur site seeing is a convenient and cost efficient option.

  • Jaipur International Airport (18.2 Kms)
  • Jaipur Railway Station (6.9 Kms)
  • Chandpole Metro Station (5.9 Kms)
  • Sindhi Camp Bus Stand Jaipur (5.3 Kms)

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Jal Mahal Jaipur – Facts, History and everything about the Palace
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