Flood in Jhunjhunu! Malsisar Dam damaged in just 3 months of inauguration

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In just three months of inauguration, newly built Malsisar Dam in Jhunjhunu district started leaking and it is reported to be damaged. The water flooded a nearby village named Kakdeu but didn’t reach the nearby city areas.

Jhunjhunu district is about 180KMs away from capital pink city Jaipur.

Malsisar Dam Damaged

An estimated 8 crore litre of water was inside the dam which is now spilled over the nearby villages, flooding Kakdeu village completely. So far, there are no reports of human loss.

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The ambitious project was started to bring sweet water to nearby cities and villages but the construction quality was overlooked. We expect a committee to be setup by the state government to further investigate the matter and put the culprits behind the bars.

Malsisar Dam Jhunjhunu Facts

  1. With a total budget of 588 crore rupees, Malsisar Dam project was finished about three months ago. It was started back in August 2013.
  2. The Malsisar Dam project was supposed to finish on July 30, 2016 but the project completion got delayed for next two years.
  3. The dam is part of Kumbharam Arya Lift Canal project which aims to bring sweet Himalaya water to Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Khetdi and 18 other nearby cities and approx 473 villages.

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Malsisar Dam Jhunjhunu Facts
Credit : patrika.com

Jhunjhunu district on alert

The government has put the Jhunjhunu district on high alert, asking the police force to reach the affected areas and help the locals. District Collector with his team also reached the area for further inspection.

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You can have a visuals in this Malsisar Dam damage video.

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