Mysterious Kalki Temple in Jaipur, Lesser-Known Temple in Pink City

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Heard of Kalki Temple in Jaipur? I don’t think so!

On the famous Hawamahal Bazar is an almost unknown 300 years old temple standing brightly in rain shadow area of Kesariya colored havelis and temples.

A temple dedicated to tenth Avatar of Lord Vishnu which is yet to be incarnated. Somehow most of the Jaipur people remain unknown to the existence of this religious and mysterious temple.

Mysterious Kalki Temple in Jaipur

Kakli Temple in Jaipur

Sawai jai Singh ji ll, the founder of Jaipur was an avid scholar of vedic texts. He built the temple of Lord Kalki just opposite to main entrance of City Palace but behind some noble mansions.

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The bright yellow stone Kalasha and Shikhar or dome of temple could be seen from bazaar but temple is well hidden behind the buildings.

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    Who is Kalki Avatar?

    Kalki, Maha Avatar is said to be the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu who would incarnate to end Kalyuga when there would be excessive sins.

    Sawai Jai Singh ll could be the first ever ruler in world who with his keen knowledge about the Vedas and imagination built the temple of God who is yet to be incarnated.

    Bhagwan Kalki Jaipur

    Poet Shree Krishna Bhatt ‘Kalanidhi’ who was a nobleman in Jai Singh’s court quotes in his book that Jai Singh ll built the temple of Lord Kalki in memory of his grandson Shree Kalik ji who passed away in his childhood. Though there are other temples of Kalki God but this temple is the only one solely dedicated to Lord Kalki.

    Incarnation of Vishnu Jaipur Temple
    Kakli Avatar Jaipur Temple Info

    This temple is managed by Devsthan Vibhag (Government Department) and the priest is on payrolls of government. Temple is open for devotees and pooja daily.

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    Where is Kalki Temple in Jaipur?

    The main entrance of Kalki Temple is from Hawamahal Bazar or Sirah Dyodhi Bazar just opposite Sawai Man Singh Town Hall. The temple is built in South Indian style of big stone blocks where the statues are seated in the Garbhgrah.

    Where is Kalki Temple in Jaipur

    The passage to temple is a steep paved way probably to make way for vehicles in government department adjacent to the temple. The actual temple is approximately one story high on a solid foundation which is a signature style of ancient Hindu Temples.

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    The Singhdwar or entry of Temple is some steps above the ground with big stone blocks. After the Singhdwar is the Mandapa or sitting hall for devotees covered with huge Shikhar or dome. And then Lord Kalki is seated in Garbhgraha with Goddess Lakshmi.

    On the marble doorframes of Garbhgraha, 9 incarnations of Lord Vishnu are engraved. On the right side is Lord Brahma and on the left side is Shiv & Parvati seated on Nandi. On the ground made of marble the Lotus flower and Shankha are engraved.

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    Why one should visit Kalki Temple for once?

    Just outside the temple is a plinth which makes this temple more mysterious than any other temple. The plinth is for statue of Devdutta horse. Devdutta is the horse of Kalki God. The statue is made of white marble.

    mystery of Kalki Mandir

    The rear left leg of Devdutta bears a crack which devotees say is a wound and it is said that once the wound is healed completely Kalki God will incarnate to end Kalyuga. Local priests and devotees strongly claim that the wound has been healing over years.

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    What is the mystery about Kalki Temple in Jaipur?

    It remains a mystery that why such a beautiful temple of such religious importance was not allotted a land on main street by Jai Singh ji.

    Mysterious Kalki Temple in Jaipur

    The architecture of Kalki mandir holds another mystery for visitors. None other Hindu temple has 2 shikhars or domes but Kalki Temple. One could be seen clearly from the front and second one is exactly behind the main Shikhar or Dome.

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