Posh Bada Utsav – Celebration of Paush Bada Festival in Jaipur

Looking to know what Paush Bada festival in Jaipur all about? Let’s start with the introduction followed by details you’re looking for.

What is Paush or Posh meaning?

According to Hindu calendar, Paush or Posh is the tenth month of the year. Paush month is the time of bone chilling winters. Paush month is corresponding to December/January of Georgian calendar.

What is Paush Bada

During the month of Paush worshipping Sun God has its significance as temperatures fall during this month.

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What is Paush Bada?

From the times of Kings and Princely States there has been a tradition of organizing and celebrating Paush Bada Utsav in Jaipur.

In old times when there were no other modes of recreation, religious people of Jaipur would gather in local temples and sing devotional songs till late night.

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Devotees and riches would contribute to celebrate Paush Bada Utsavs in temples where Gods were offered Moong Dal ki Pakodi and Aate/Suji ka Halva. This tradition is practiced till now with same zeal and devotion.

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Looking for Rajasthani Posh Bada recipe? Watch this video recipe for details.

Pakodi or fritters are made of gram flour or pulses are spicy dish which is also called Bada . And halva is made of either of suji also called semolina or pulses. After worshiping these feasts are offered to Gods and then distributed in public.

Paush Bada Festival in Jaipur

Special thing about Paush Bada festival is that it is organized at temples or religious places with contributions made by devotees.

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Paush Bada in Jaipur

At most places the prasadi or offerings are free for all and is distributed to devotees and poor. However, at some places they have feast tickets. Anyone could buy the ticket and the amount would be his/her contribution in the event.

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And then he or she can have the feast. At some places other dishes like Pudi, Sabzi and mithai are also prepared. During the Paush month in Jaipur India each day there is a Paush Bada Utsav somewhere.

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Paush Bada Mahotsavs in some temples like Khole ke Hanuman ji or Tadakeshwar ji are on such big scale that the feast is prepared for lakhs of people. These huge events are called Lakkhi meaning lakhs Paush Bada.

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