Pushkar Travel Guide – History, Temple, Lake, Camel Fair, How to Reach

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Pushkar (India) is an ancient town (district Ajmer) in Rajasthan, located in the Eastern side of Rajasthan. It’s known for the yearly Pushkar Camel Fair among foreign and domestic tourists and for the holy lake among the local tourists.

Pushkar Lake Facts you must know

As per the population census of 2011, the town had a population of just 21,626 people, confirming its small footprints but that’s not same when it comes to its popularity.

Pushkar Facts you must know

  • The town has the only Brahma temple in the world which is believed to be 2000 years old.
  • The Pushkar fair is the largest camel fair in the world as it attracts more than 200,000 visitors around the globe.
  • The outskirt of the town is like a desert, giving you the first glimpse of the huge Thar desert in Rajasthan.
  • It’s an ancient town having mentions in ancient texts.

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Pushkar History

As mentioned above, it’s an ancient town having mentions about its existence in various Puranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. The town was later raided by Muslim Kingdoms which was later regained by the Rajput Kings.

Pushkar History

The town again came to Muslim control which was later won by Ranthambhor’s Rajput king, Chauhan. Later, it went under the control of Delhi Sultanate. Due to all these a lot of the historical elements were damaged and lost.

As per the Hindu mythology, the creator of the universe, Brahma dropped one of his lotus which fell down in Pushkar to form a lake, and was known by Pushkar Lake.

brahma temple pushkar
Picture credit – wikimedia.org

The lake is believed to be equally sacred as the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet by the Hindus.
Dedicated to its creator, a temple was constructed near the lake which is the only Brahma Temple in the world. Thousands of Hindu pilgrimages visit this town have a holy bath in Pushkar Lake and then visit Brahma Temple to have blessings from the creator.

It is also believed that the town was a centre for trade and commercial activities which continues till today. Annual camel fair is organised in the town which has now become a must-attend-event for foreign and domestic tourists.

About the Town

As aforementioned, the town is small and is not that populated either. Most of the houses are now converted into guest home or hotels by the locals. Tourism is a major earning source for the locals and they rely too much on the same.

pushkar food experience
Picture credit – wikimedia.org

The prices of a hotel or guest room goes up to 2-3x during the camel fair than normal days. It’s a favorite place among foreign visitors as they get to live a local life and have local food.

The town is located in between the mountain range of Aravalli hills. There are hardly any developments in the outskirt areas if we can ignore a few villages. You can even plan a small trek around the nearby hills to have breathtaking views of the town.

Pushkar Travel FAQs

Q : Why is Pushkar so famous?
A : It’s an ancient town having the only Brahma temple in the world and has become a favorite town among foreign tourists.

Q : What is Pushkar known for?
A : The annual camel fair and the only Brahma temple are the two major things Pushkar is known for.

Pushkar nearest Airport
Picture credit – Flickr (Koshy Koshy)

Q : Why foreigners visit Pushkar?
A : Compared to cities, Pushkar is a small town, located between the mountains. Most of the foreigners are looking to have local town experiences which they find better in Pushkar than in big cities.

Q : Who built Pushkar temple?
A : The Pushkar Brahma temple was built during 14th century, the one we see in present times but it is believed that the temple was constructed before that.

Q : How far is Pushkar from Jaipur?
A : Pushkar from Jaipur distance is about 150KMs.

Q : How far is Pushkar from Ajmer?
A : Pushkar from Ajmer distance is about 16KMs.

Pushkar nearest Airport?

Jaipur international airport (JAI) is the nearest airport and the distance between the two is approx 150KMs. You can easily find local buses or private buses or cabs from Jaipur.

Nearest Railway Station?

Ajmer railway station is about 15KMs away. There is a newly operating Pushkar railway station (code – PUHT) as well.

pushkar camel fair
Picture credit – wikimedia.org

One can even plan a visit from Kishangarh railway station which is about 46KMs away from the town.

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When to visit?

If you are into doing the touristy things, then the best time to visit Pushkar is during Camel Fair which is usually scheduled for a week in the month of November. The actual date depends on the Moon cycle.

Other than the fair, you should visit Pushkar during winter season (November to February) or the monsoon season (June to September).

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FYI, Pushkar camel fair 2018 dates are Thursday, 15 November 2018 to Friday, 23 November 2018. I recommend doing an advance booking for hotels to avoid inconvenience and high surge charges during the fair.

Over to you

I hope this write up gave you all the good reasons to visit this Camel Fair town. Let me know if I have missed anything important which you need to know. You can also share your experiences about the town as a guest post or in the comment section below.

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