Rajrajeshwari Temple Jaipur: How to Reach, History and Must Know Facts

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Let’s go through the history, architecture, how to reach and all related details of Rajrajeshwari Temple. Holy deity Rajrajeshwari is a powerful form of Goddess Shakti. Those who worship Rajrajeshwari are blessed with knowledge, wisdom and righteous path of living.

Rajrajeshwari Temple Jaipur

Maratha and Jaipur’s Rajput armies were in a battle against each other at a place Tunga, near to Jaipur. Maratha armies were having an upper hand in the battle. Sawai Pratap Singh ji feared captivity and left the war zone to see his spiritual guru Maharaj Amritpuri in Gurjarghati area.

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Rajrajeshwari Temple History

Saint Amritpuri ji blessed Sawai Pratap Singh ji and assured him of victory. Pratap Singh ji went back to war and eventually won. After ascending throne of Jaipur in 1778, Sawai Maharaja Pratap Singh ji constructed Rajrajeshwari Temple in the beautiful vallies of Mansagar under the guidance of Maharaj Amritpuri ji.

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In 1780, during the draught Sawai Pratap Singh ji built a step well aside the temple to assure water availability for devotees. The step well or Baori is called Rajrajeshwari Baori.

Rajrajeshwari mandir Jaipur

The temple is one of the major temples of Goddess Shakti in Jaipur. What makes it the special temple in Jaipur is that it is established with tantric rituals, making it a Shakti Peeth. Shakti meaning power and Peeth is seat, thus the temple is seat of Maa Durga.

Unique thing about this temple is the presence of 10 handed Hanuman and 8 handed Bhairav ji in the temple premises opposite each other.

Hanuman is said to Brahmachari while Bhairav ji is tamsik natured meaning he is vengeful. Both are hardly present together in any other temple in India but in Raj Rajeshwari Temple.

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    Rajrajeshwari Temple Facts

    1. The temple is built in distinctive Rajput architecture style.
    2. It resembles a small fort from outside with Aravali hills guarding the background.
    3. The deity is established above the compound as most of the old temples.

    In spite of its historical and spiritual value the temple is unfamiliar to most Jaipur people. During the Navratra days special pooja is performed in temple for 9 days.

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    How to reach Raj Rajeshwari Mandir?

    To reach Raj Rajeshwari mandir, you need to take the Highway 248 road, outside the city (behind the Jalmahal Man Sagar lake). It should take about 30 minute to reach from the centre of the city. Here is a Google Map link of the Raj Rajeshwari temple.

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