Vitthal’s Kitchen Review: Jaipur’s Restaurant Run by Specially-Abled Staff

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A restaurant run by specially abled staff is the primary highlight of Vitthal’s Kitchen in Jaipur.

Vitthal’s Kitchen Jaipur Review

I was curious before entering the restaurant and came out with a lot of positivity and bag full of smiles.

Restaurant Highlights

• Always smiling and attentive specially-abled staff
• Innovatively designed vegetarian menu
• Positive ambience
• Tasty food with all the necessary spices (nothing more, nothing less)
• Easy to locate from moving traffic
• Cost for two ₹300

Vitthal’s Kitchen Review

Located on Sahakar Marg, Jaipur, Vitthal’s Kitchen is a must visit restaurant for all the special reasons. As a foodie, I’d always prefer to start a restaurant review talking about the food but, I’m going to take a different route in the case of Vitthal’s Kitchen.

man behind Vitthal’s Kitchen restaurant

Unlike all the other restaurants, which have one primary motive, to serve good food, Vitthal’s Kitchen took the same but, with a challenge. Most of the staff being differently-abled, the restaurant is helping (read – adding) a social cause.

#1 Welcome with a smile

vitthals kitchen jaipur menu

The moment we entered the property, we were welcomed by a smile. The ambience is on the positive side trying it’s best to support that big HOPE on the wall.

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#2 Innovatively designed Menu

One of the staff attended us, handing over the Menu with a pen and printed memo.

Vitthal’s Kitchen menu

Using the sign language, he explained that we have to look into the Menu, decide what we want to order and then write down its code and quantity on the memo.

Vitthal’s Kitchen menu1

Yes, the Menu is smartly designed which helps the smiling staff, who are born with special abilities. Each item is associated with a unique code.

vitthals kitchen specially abled

On the memo, the first column is for the item code, followed by the quantity and the last column allows you to add any special request for that particular order.

#3 Learning the Sign Language

Usually, when we go to any other restaurant we decide what we wish to order, we place the order and eat our food, pay the bills and leave but, in Vitthal’s Kitchen, there is something new and refreshing for you to learn, while you wait for your order.

Welcome with a smile vithals kitchen

One of their staff, Inayat, came with a printed info-graphic, explaining how we can communicate not just him and staff there but also with any other differently-abled person you come across in future.

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Consider it a 5-minute crash course which was very interactive (superbly done by Inayat) as we got to learn the basics of sign language. And all this happened while we were waiting for our order, this made the waiting time seem so less.

#4 The Food

Next comes, the prime reason you walk into a restaurant, the Food. We ordered Paav Bhaji and Masala Tea, both were perfect to how they should taste.

Vitthal’s Kitchen food

Vitthal’s Kitchen food quality

Later in the evening, we had Green Salad, Daal Fry, Veg Handi, Matar Paneer, Chapati and Steamed Rice. Chapati could have been better but Daal Fry was simply delicious. Just the right amount of spices in everything we ordered was the prime attraction.

The experience at Vitthal’s Kitchen, Jaipur was divided into these four parts and being operated by a specially-abled staff, the efficiency was impressive.

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Fact – Differently-abled people have an extra ability than normal people; they are very disciplined at whatever they do in day-to-day life.

#5 Ambiance

If it wasn’t for the differently-abled staff, I would have started the review of Vitthal’s Kitchen for its ambience.

vitthals kitchen hope

Sunlight fills most of the interior which add-on to the positive vibes around. Every frame on the walls delivers a simple yet strong message while one of the walls has the depiction of iconic Jouhari Bazar and Chaupals from our walled city.

vitthals kitchen interior

It’s a vegetarian restaurant serving North Indian, Chinese and Italian. You can order food in Jaipur online from Zomato app as well.

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The man behind Vitthal’s Kitchen restaurant

We were lucky to meet Mr Ashish Sharma, the founder of this restaurant during our visit and we couldn’t stop ourselves to listen to the inspiration behind, from the man himself.
When asked about the inspiration behind his contribution to specially abled people in such a brilliant way, he was pleased to share the story, starting from the flashback.

Learning the Sign Language

“Long back, I saw three dumb-deaf students talking to each other in their own language. That moment in itself was so very powerful that I instantly decided to do something for them in the future. Vitthal’s Kitchen restaurant is the outcome of the inspiration I got from that particular moment,” Ashish Sharma shared with us.

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Of course, the journey wasn’t easy as hiring a staff like this is challenging because of lack of dedicated communities for such people. The education system is so weak that finding a skilled person among them is another challenge.

Ashish Sharma acknowledged that he was helped by a couple of NGOs from Jaipur, Kota and Poddar Institute for Dumb-Deaf-Blind, Jaipur.

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After investing months of research and hard work, he finally started Vitthal’s Kitchen.
His dedication to this project is reflected in everything you see at the restaurant. From the ambience to the menu, to the staff, everything speaks of the same.

Vitthal’s Kitchen Ratings

Google Maps – 4.5
Zomato – 4.0

Noticing the hundreds of positive reviews out there, you can easily take this restaurant for a good one.

How to reach?

Vitthals Kitchen Review

Vitthal’s Kitchen is located on the opposite of Laxmi Mandir Cinema on Tonk Road, Jaipur city. If you wish to write them postcards for the amazing work they are doing, here is the complete address,

Address: C-3, Near Laxmi Mandir, Sahakar Marg, Lalkothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

Open in Google Maps


The restaurant is open throughout the week from 10 AM to 11 PM.

Over to you

vitthals kitchen ambience

Come along with your family, friends or partner and see how this restaurant is serving smiles and hope with every order you place. I’m sure you’ll have a good time with tasty food and a bag full of smiles.

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Now, how about you visit Vitthal’s Kitchen restaurant too and share your review in the comment section below?

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  1. In jaipur such great people who work for super humans.

    Great work by ashish ji (Vitthal’s Kitchen)
    thanks to harshek to share with us.

  2. Hats off to Ashish for such an inspirational work. In today’s world everybody keeps themselves in first place and then think about someone else. You are an amazing person who is working towards making the world better place for everyone. Very impressed with your initiative.

  3. It’s amazing that restaurateurs have taken the initiative to employ the differently abled in the industry. Kudos to Ashish! I’m sure through this initiative and posts as these more people will be inspired to follow suit. Love the detailed writing style of your posts. Cheers!


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