Yoga in Jaipur while Travelling – How to Keep Yourself Fit in Pink City?

Do you practice Yoga while travelling? Or you let the stress take over your dedication? We all know how difficult it could be for travelers to maintain their healthy routine. Well, for those who love to travel and Yoga this article will be of interest.

If someone says Yoga, people think of India and vice versa. Yoga and India are synonym to each other without a doubt. Every health enthusiast will agree that Yoga or Yog is one of the best contributions of Bharat to world.

Origin of Yoga


The origin of Yoga is said to be in pre vedic times. In simplest words Yog could be defined as amalgamation of physical, mental & spiritual practices to attain peace, healthy life and balance.

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International Day of Yoga

Although, yoga dates back to pre vedic times western world learnt and adopted it in 20th century. Now, with internet’s easy information sharing Yoga has crossed the borders to reach every country in the world. With this in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the idea of International Day of Yoga. The idea was taken very well and from 2015 International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on 21st June.

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Yoga in Jaipur

Jaipur too is not an exception from Yoga revolution. From kids to old age people, from amateurs to professionals Yoga is loved and practiced by all. There are many institutes where degree or diploma courses are taught in Yoga. Many schools and sports academies have adopted yoga in curriculum and trainings.

practice Yoga while travelling

This takes us to the fact that when anyone is travelling his/her schedule or routine is disturbed. Many travelers find it difficult to make some time for meditation or yoga practice. So, let’s learn more about Yoga in Jaipur.

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Why it is necessary to practice Yoga while travelling?

The early morning tours, long hours travelling, all day site seeing and experiencing new places could be tiring and stressful.

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30 Mins of yog or meditation will help in –

  • Reducing stress
  • Help in relaxing
  • Yoga asanas help in maintaining flexibility lost due to long travelling hours
  • It gives a chance to meet new people
  • Exchange ideas on Yoga
  • Learn from local teachers and scholars

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We all know how travelling could be hard on our back, legs and body. In addition, not everyone likes to carry Yoga mats to a travel destination. In that case travelers are left with two options only. First, skip yoga practice and second practice;

No Mat Yoga Asanas

Can’t arrange a Mat? Well, it’s not an excuse anymore. Read on the following Yoga Asanas which you can perform without a mat.

  • Dangle Pose
  • Standard Hip opener/Quad Stretch
  • Standing back bend (anuvittasana)
  • Garland pose
  • Half Dog (ardha adho makha svanasana)
  • Vrksasana
  • Forward bend (uttanasana)
  • Chair pose (utkatasana)

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If you are carrying Yoga mat with yourself you can practice many asanas. But during travelling body is already tired and stress levels are high. With this in mind, let’s jump to our next section.

Yoga Poses or Asanas to Practice while Travelling

Yoga Poses or Asanas to Practice while Travelling

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Trikonasana
  • Pascimattanasana
  • Baddha Konasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Padmasana
  • Anjaneyasana
  • Mountain pose

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With growing popularity of yoga, most of the hotels organize in house yoga classes for tourists. You should check with the hotel administration for the same.

Yoga enthusiasts in Jaipur gather in morning at public parks to practice yoga in natural environment. These are free for all and anyone can join them.

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Here is a List of Places for Free Yoga in Jaipur

At following places, you can find free yoga classes in Jaipur.

  • Central Park (near Gate Number 2)
  • Smriti Van JLN Marg
  • Jal Mahal
  • Jawahar Circle

If you are looking for a more professional and learning experience then you can check list of yoga centers in Jaipur (affiliate link).

Don’t hesitate to contribute your views and feedback in the comment section. It would help everyone have a better understanding and learning. We hope you have a peaceful travel experience in Jaipur.

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Pictures credit – Anuj Kumawat (Swadhyaya Yog Shala)


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