Charan Mandir – Lesser Known but Ancient Krishna Temple in Jaipur

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What is Charan Mandir? It is an ancient Krishna temple in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The holy site is a place of worship for Hindus. And Lord Krishna’s footprints are worshiped here.

Charan Temple Jaipur
Picture Credit – Sandy Sharma (Google Maps)

Where is Charan Mandir in Jaipur?

The temple is located on the way to Nahargarh Fort. Notably it is located in middle of Nahargarh Reserve forest. There is only one road connecting it to rest of the city.

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About Charan Temple Jaipur

The mini fortress like temple was built before even Jaipur was established. Mirza Rajah Man Singh l of Amber constructed this temple in 16th century. It is said that Man Singh was an avid devotee of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna came in his dream once. And revealed about the Footprints and the place where they were hidden in Ambika (Amer) Forest.

Charan Mandir
Charan Mandir Jaipur

Therefore, Man Singh ordered his servants to find the place. Once the place was discovered he went there with his royal priests. Thereupon, the priests confirmed that the footprints are indeed of Lord Krishna’s.

Holy book of Hindus, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta mentions about the footprints of Lord Krishna in one of its chapters.

Interestingly, some Bollywood flicks like Garv starring Salman Khan were also shoot here.

Religious significance of Charan Temple Jaipur

According to ancient Hindu books, Sudarshan was son of Indra God. Once he made fun of Saints of Angira clan. This angered the saints. And thus, they cursed Sudarshan to become a python.

Where is Charan Mandir in Jaipur
Picture Credit – Chandni Chowdhary (Google Maps)

Years later in Dvapar Yuga Lord Krishna was travelling to Dwarika from Vrindavan. He was accompanied by his foster father Nand Baba.  When they were passing by Ambika Van (today’s Amer) Sudarshan python caught Nand Baba’s feet. Due to the pain Nand Baba called Lord Krishna. On hearing Nand Baba’s agony Lord Krishna touched the python with his right foot. As a result of divine touch of Lord Krishna python was released from the curse.

Charan Mandir is the same place where Lord Krishna liberated Sudarshan from curse.

Prabhu Krishna’s divine presence made stones melt and his foot immersed in it. As a result his foot print along with cow’s were marked for eternity. And hence the site is significant to devotees of Lord Krishna and Jaipur.

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    Charan Mandir Jaipur Timing

    The temple opens for devotees with sunrise and closes by sunset. As the temple is located between the forest areas it is advised to avoid visiting temple during dark.

    Q. Why one should visit Charan Mandir in Jaipur?
    Apart from the religious significance of the site the forest is natural habitat of many species of wild animals and birds. Although, during the visiting hours the chances to spot a wild animal is low but the site is promising of beautiful bird watching point. Also, Charan Mandir offers one of the best views of sunrise in Jaipur. But, during sunset the sun sets behind the huge walls of temple so it gets difficult to watch the view. But the view of Nahargarh Forest from top of the minaret of temple is certainly refreshing.

    View from Charan Mandir Jaipur
    Charan Mandir Jaipur

    Things to do around Charan Mandir

    The temple provides with breathtaking view of Jalmahal and Nahargarh forest. It is a famous bird watching site too. Apart from it the peaceful environment of the site welcomes everyone to take a stop and enjoy the view from hill top.

    The ruins opposite to the temple are also a part of holy site. It is strictly recommended that visitors maintain the respectable decorum on the site.

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    How to reach Charan Mandir in Jaipur?

    The holy site is on the way to Nahargarh Fort from Amber road. It lies exactly between Jaigarh and Nahargarh fort. We advise you to combine your trip to Charan Mandir with those two. The place could be reached by car, taxi, cab or by renting a bike in Jaipur.

    Here is a list of nearest Bus Stand, Railway Station & Airport with their respective distances from Charan Temple Jaipur,

    • Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (15.3 Kms)
    • Jaipur Railway Station (17.8 Kms)
    • Jaipur International Airport (26 Kms)

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    How about you plan a Temple Tour in Jaipur with us? Fill up your contact details below and we’ll reach out with a customized Jaipur Temple Tour plan.

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