Facts about Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar Metro Station Jaipur

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation is constructing India's first ever Art Gallery at a metro station. Yes, an Art Gallery at Choti Chaupar metro station will soon be launched and will showcase history and culture...
International Jawa Yezdi Day 2018 (1)

International Jawa Yezdi Day 2018 – Ride to Pushkar from Jaipur

On 8th of July a caravan of thunderous Yezdi bikes went to Pushkar from Jaipur. The proud riders flaunted their age old bikes. And onlookers were awestruck with the shiny and roaring bikes. The...

First in India, e-Waste Recycling Kiosk to be implemented in Pink City

In the age of dying whales due to plastic intake, State Government in Rajasthan has planned a green move to fight against the growing e-waste. As per the official reports, e-Waste recycling kiosks will...

Salman starring Race 3 will feature Jaipur’s Actor in Negative Role

Pink City has given many faces to the Bollywood industry and a new one will play a negative role in upcoming Race 3 featuring the Bollywood's Bhai, Salman Khan. Jaipur's local from Gurunanakpur colony,...
Roti Bank for Cows in Jaipur

Roti Bank for Cows in Jaipur – unique concept other cities Must learn from

What is a Roti Bank in India? It is a concept where people collect Rotis (Flatten Bread) from donors and feed to needy people.In various cities of India there are many organizations working on this...
Bishnoi People's Culture

Why Bishnoi people took Salman Khan’s Blackbuck poaching case so strongly?

Before we talk about why Bishnoi people took Salman's blackbuck poaching case so strongly, let's get done with their history, culture and why Bishnoi love animals so much.Who are Bishnoi? They are the followers...
Jaipur to Vaishno Devi Flight

Jaipur to Jammu Flight service begins, adding air connectivity option

Good news for the day is Jaipur to Jammu flight has been resumed again which was earlier stopped on February 28. Indigo Airlines will be operating this flight between Jaipur to Jammu city in...
Malsisar Dam Damaged

Flood in Jhunjhunu! Malsisar Dam damaged in just 3 months of inauguration

In just three months of inauguration, newly built Malsisar Dam in Jhunjhunu district started leaking and it is reported to be damaged. The water flooded a nearby village named Kakdeu but didn’t reach the...
Things to do in Night in Jaipur

Chaura Rasta Opens for Night Bazar – Jaipur Smart City News

Almost every tourist and visitor has this question in mind when they plan their visit to Jaipur. How is the night life in Jaipur? What options are available for night tourism in Jaipur? Late Night Food...

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