India Interior Expo 2018 – Info on Home Furnishing Event in Jaipur

India Interior Expo 2018 in Jaipur is a best home furnishing event in the Pink City. Here is everything you need to know about it.

India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur
India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur

Jaipur is growing at a very fast and steady pace. It becomes necessary for any city to provide housing facility for everyone. With the growing demand for houses in Jaipur a unique event was organised in Jaipur.

India Interior Expo 2018

India Interior Expo or IIE 2018 is the brainchild of Shri Tapan Sharma. He realized the significance of beautiful Interiors for any house to be called as Home.
With this in mind the Yati Group Team worked day and night to bring many Interiors related trade houses, business persons and artists under one roof in IIE 2018 in Jaipur. The motive was to provide general population of Jaipur and business owners a chance to explore new technologies and market trends.

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India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur Venue

The event was held at the Birla Auditorium near Statue Circle. It is easily accessible from every part of the city.

India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur
India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur


The event was inaugurated by Shri Anoop Barataria on 7th September along with Padamshri Arjun Prajapati. Anoop Bartaria is a renowned architect and Arjun Prajapati is world famous sculptor from Jaipur.

While Shri Anoop ji quoted the importance of fine architecture in any city’s development, Shri Arjun ji mentioned the role of Arts in beautification of cities and homes. The event welcomed many other personalities from Jaipur.

Participating Partners

There were over fifty numbers of stalls from various trades. The organizing members carefully partnered with different business so that the event offers something to everyone.

The diversified stalls offer electronic appliances, handicrafts, furniture, carpets, rugs, bath fittings, paintings and decorative items. And a very unique furniture range especially for children.

India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur
India Interior Expo 2018 Jaipur

What participants have to say?

Most of the participants emphasized on the significance of such events. Everyone was happy to interact and praised the efforts of Yati Group to bring them under one roof. Also, they hoped that this event would be a regular practice so that everyone would be benefited.

One such vendor Shri Shreya Sharma is a curator of Arts and paintings. He says that these events will help people understand the importance of arts in traditional architecture.

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What visitors have to say?

We talked to one such family and they were quite impressed with the event. While Mrs.Sharma was more in to handicrafts, Mr.Sharma was busy exploring new technologies in bath fittings.

And the kid was happy to enjoy meals at the food court and his new study table. As the participants, visitors too agreed that this event must be organized regularly.

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Yati Group

Mr. Tapan Sharma thanked participating traders and visitors on behalf of Yati Group and promised to organize more such events in coming time.

With this we hope that Jaipur will host more such events to benefit Arts and Cultures.

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