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Salasar Balaji is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Hanuman. It is located on National Highway 668 in the Churu district of Rajasthan state. This temple is visited by devotees from all over India to seek blessings. The temple is one of the major temples in Rajasthan and North India. Salasar Balaji is one of the rarest temples where Lord Hanuman’s image is in beard and mustaches. Hundreds of devotees travel from Jaipur to Salasar Balaji every day.

Distance between Jaipur and Salasar Balaji – 170.6 km by road

Salasar Balaji Darshan Timings

Pat Khulna 5:00 AM
Mangal Aarti5:30 AM
Rajbhog10:30 AM
Dhoop & Mohandas Ji ki Aarti6:00 PM
Balaji Aarti7:30 PM
Bal Bhog8:15 PM
Shayan Aarti10:00 PM
Rajbhog Aarti (Tuesday Only)11:00 AM

Story of Salasar Balaji

Salasar Balaji has numerous interesting stories behind its establishment. Mohandas was an ardent devotee of Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman was pleased with his devotion and thus promised to him that his image will be presented to him. Sometime later in the year 1811 AD, a farmer in Asota village of Nagaur discovered a stone idol of Balaji in his field. When he cleaned the idol he saw the image of Balaji (Hanuman Ji). Just then, the farmer’s wife brought Choorma (a traditional sweet dish made of flour) and offered some to the idol. That is why there is a tradition of offering Choorma to Salasar Balaji every day.

When the Thakur of Asota village saw a dream of Balaji asking him to take the idol to Salasar village. Similarly, the same night, devotee Mohandas Ji saw a dream that no one must be allowed to stop the bullock cart carrying the idol of Lord Hanuman Ji in the Salasar village. Additionally, the temple of Balaji is to be built at the place where the bullock cart stops by itself. Thus, the temple of Salasar Balaji was established. And as the devotee, Mohandas Ji dreamt of Balaji in beard and mustaches the image of Lord Hanuman is seen with beard and mustaches till now.

Salasar Balaji Travel Info

The best way to reach Salasar Balaji from Jaipur is via road. The nearest railway station to Salasar Balaji Temple is Sujangarh that is approximately 32 km away. The highway connecting Jaipur to Bikaner is the best route towards Salasar Balaji. Daily bus services to Salasar Balaji are available from Jaipur Bus Stand. Most devotees cover Salasar Balaji via Khatu Shyam Ji.

Hire a taxi to Salasar Balaji from Jaipur

Nearest Railway station: Sujangarh (32km)

Nearest airport: Jaipur International Airport (183.7 km)

Nearest bus stand: NA

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