Top Vastu Consultants in Jaipur: 7 best Vastu Experts

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Are you looking for someone who can fix the Vastu problems of your house? Then this article is going to help you find one. Here, I have compiled a list of top Vastu consultants in Jaipur to give you a quick feed of your search. The pink city is one of the first planned cities of India and portraited as an ideal model for a case study in Vastu planning in front of entire India.

Vastu Shastra is a holistic ancient science of architecture that encompasses set principles of design, measurements space planning, and layout. Its main aim is to provide a healthy and positive atmosphere of happiness, prosperity, and to eliminate negativity. Hence Vastu consultants are having a very important role right from the past to nowadays.

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Here is the list of top Vastu consultants in Jaipur:

#1 S.K. Mehta:

SK Mehta Vastu Expert
SK Mehta Vastu Expert, Jaipur

S.K.Mehta is a well-known personality in the field of Fengshui and Vastu Shastra in India. His work is acclaimed around the world. He started working in the year 1995. Having authored many books, his principles of Vastu Shastra are taught in many institutions. Mehta has also supervised the construction of Rajasthan Sanskrit Vishwavidalaya and two flyovers in Jaipur.

  • Vastu consultancy: Vastu Paramarsh Anusandhan Kendra
  • Address: C- 34 Lajpat Marg, near Rajdhani hospital, Panch Batti near C-Scheme, Ashok Nagar, 302001
  • Contact number: 09829055588

#2 Namrata Surana:

Namrata Surana Mahavastu Expert, Jaipur
Namrata Surana Mahavastu Expert, Jaipur

Namrata Surana is a certified Mahavastu trainer and consultant. The school of Mahavastu emphasis the four-step methodological procedure to summarise the effect of our living space on our lives and also pertains to solve the problems with defined and scientific methods.

  • Vastu consultancy: Namrata Surana’s consultancy (Mahavastu certified)
  • Address: 385 Veer Marg, Sirsi Road, Officers Campus Colony, 302012
  • Contact number: 093513 63162

#3 Pramod Kumar Chaturvedi:

Pramod Kumar Chaturvedi Vastu Expert, Jaipur
Pramod Kumar Chaturvedi Vastu Expert, Jaipur

Pramod Kumar Chaturvedi is a vigilant and dedicated person in the profession of astrology and Vastu. He is always willing to help his clients by first having a complete analysis of the problem and then commencing them with a solution according to the Vastu Shastra with almost negligible demolition.

  • Vastu consultancy: Divine Vastu
  • Address: S-9 Jeevan Vihar, MI Road, Near Panch Batti, 302001
  • Contact number: 09414047555

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#4 Peeyush Vashisht

Peeyush Vashisht Vastu Expert
Peeyush Vashisht Vastu Expert

Peeyush Vashisht has over 15 years of experience in the field of Vastu consultancy. In his career, he has provided consultation to hundreds of clients and helped them with the simplest remedies. His services could be rendered for Vastu for factories, Vastu for hospitals, and much more.

  • Vastu consultancy: Peeyush Vashishtha Vastu
  • Address: 106 A Shanti Nagar, Joshi Marg Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, 21, South Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012
  • Contact number: 098294 12361

#5. Dr. Mahima Chaturvedi:

Dr. Mahima Chaturvedi Vastu Expert, Jaipur
Dr. Mahima Chaturvedi Vastu Expert, Jaipur

Among all the finest Vastu consultants in Jaipur, Dr. Mahima Chaturvedi holds a respectable place. She is a Ph.D. from Rajasthan University with vast knowledge of the subject. Dr. Mahima is always up for helping people in distress. She also started providing consultancy service online as an initiative in COVID 19 pandemic to help the clients.

  • Vastu consultancy: Mahima’s Vastu Consultancy
  • Address: 101, Shivam Apartments, 378, Rani Sati Nagar, Nirman Nagar 302019
  • Contact number: 07507360011

#6 Sriram Sharma:

Sriram Sharma Vastu Expert, Jaipur
Sriram Sharma Vastu Expert, Jaipur

The young Vastu expert from Jaipur has a degree in Vastu Visharad in Vastu & Astrology from International Vastu Academy, Jaipur. In a career span of over 6 years, he has helped many corporate clients, flat owners, factories, and much more. Sriram Sharma writes for many reputed magazines on the subject as well.

  • Vastu consultancy: Vishwakarma Vedic Vastu consultants
  • Address: F-7 Trimurti Tower, Khatipura road, Jhotwara 302012
  • Contact number: 07073778243

#7 Pandit Alok Jagawat:

Pandit Alok Jagawat Vastu Expert, Jaipur
Pandit Alok Jagawat Vastu Expert, Jaipur

Pt Alok Jagawat through his enthusiastic approach towards his work became a well-known personality in the field of astrology and Vastu shastra. He is an expert in Sthapatya Veda (Vastu) with a scientific and calculative approach. He has taught in Arch School of Interiors and written many books on the subject.

  • Vastu consultancy: Pt Alok’s Vastu consultancy
  • Address: 4/298, Near Sector 4 Digambar Jain Temple, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur 302017
  • Contact number: 09799333666

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That was all about the top Vastu Consultants in Jaipur for you all. If you are interested in consulting with some Vastu consultants to synchronize energy and positivity inside your office, factory, workspace, shop, or residential space then we strongly recommend you to hire professional services from one of them. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and relatives online if you like our efforts.

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