Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan Jaipur – About Royal Crematorium Cenotaphs Site

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Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan or Gatore Cenotaphs Jaipur are royal crematorium grounds for then rulers of the city. The site is a glimpse of royal past of city and its rulers.

Gaitore ki Chhatriya

The monument has a chhatri (dome) dedicated for every ruler from Sawai Jai Singh ll to Man Singh ll.

About Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan Jaipur

The monument is built in Rajput architectural style. But Mughal influence is also clearly noticeable in these. The site is famous for its intrinsic carvings on pillars and roofs of the domes.

Gaitore Jaipur chhatriya

The site is divided into three parts. Stone art work, round stairs and depictions on the pillars commemorate the life and life styles of historical times.

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Where are Gatore Cenotaphs?

The royal crematorium site is situated in the valleys of Nahargarh and Garh Ganesh temple. The place is surrounded by strong fort walls of Nahargarh from one side and Jaipur city from another. It is said that Sawai Jai Singh ll himself chose this site as the final resting place for Jaipur rulers.

Royal Cenotaphs Jaipur

The most important thing about these structures is their location. The place is amid Nahargarh valley. Thus, some claim it as the most peaceful place in Jaipur.

Gaitore Cenotaph of Sawai Jai Singh ll

The most grandiose memorial is dedicated to Sawai Jai Singh ji. His memorial structure is made of white marble. And it is decorated with carvings of Hindu Gods, maids, musicians and other people. It truly justifies the era of greatest ruler of Jaipur. The dome is placed on 20 pillars.

A copy of Jai Singh’s cenotaph is also showcased at Kensington Museum in London.

Q. Why were these cenotaphs built?
A. Deceased kings were cremated with due royal honor. And cenotaphs were built in their memory.

Q. What does Gaitore means?
A. Gaitore literally means ‘Gaya ka thor’. Which in Hindi translates to resting place of the deceased.

A long strong Fort wall connects Nahargarh Fort and Gaitore site. It is said that the safe passage was used by royal family of Jaipur to reach Gaitore from Nahargarh fort.

Jaipur Gaitore Cenotaphs Timing

The Gaitore Chhatriya opens at 9:30 AM in Morning and closes at 5:00 PM in Evening. Ticket window is closed by 4:30 PM in evening.

Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan Entry Ticket

Gaitore ki Chhatriya TicketIndian TouristForeign Tourist
Children (5-12)/Student2050
Senior Citizens/ Defense Personals / Specially Abled3090

Gaitore Cenotaphs entry fees includes Camera and small video camera.

Note – Entry for children below 5 years is Free.

Things to do around Gaitore ki Chhatriya

Historic Garh Ganesh temple is adjacent to the monument site. Therefore, we recommend combining these two in a trip. Here is a list of other places of interest with their respective distances from Gaitore Jaipur.

How to reach Gaitore ki Chhatriya in Jaipur?

The site is very well connected to other parts of Jaipur by Taxi, cabs, autos. But direct bus service is not available to royal site.

Gatore Cenotaphs timing

However, you can take a drop at Brahmapuri and then the cenotaphs could be reached by walking some hundred meters. Also, you can hire a Bike in Jaipur to reach Gatore ki Chhatriya.

Here is a list of nearest Bus Stand, Railway Station and Airport with their respective distances from Gaitore Cenotaphs,

  • Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (5.8 Kms)
  • Jaipur Railway Station (8.3 Kms)
  • Jaipur International Airport (14.8 Kms)

This was all about this lesser-touristy place and you should check all the best tourist places in Jaipur to plan a perfect trip. Mention anything in the comment section that can help you to do a perfect trip or you have anything to add on Gaitore ki Chhatriya. Do like us on Facebook and share this with your social media friends.

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