Kishanpole Bazar Jaipur: Shop here to Get Best from Pink City

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Kishanpole Bazar market in Jaipur is famous for its rich colors and mansions. The rulers of Jeypore (Jaipur) have always been avid devotees of Lord Krishna. Thus, they named this market as Krishnapole Bazar.

Kishanpole Bazar Jaipur

The traditional market is another way to enter and explore magnificent walled city of Jaipur. It is up to the reputation of Pink City as the buildings and houses are colored pink giving them a symmetrical glow.

Where is Kishanpole Bazaar Jaipur?

The conventional yet colorful market is situated inside the walled city. The straight line market between Ajmeri Gate and Choti Chaupad is known as Kishanpole Bazaar. Similar to other markets of the old Jaipur you need to pass through the grand city wall gate which is beautifully decorated with artistic murals.

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Kishanpole Market Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Kishanpole Bazar, Jaipur.

Krishnapole Bazar of Jaipur

  • This market runs parallel to Chaura Rasta and Johari Bazar of walled city
  • It cuts Chandpole Bazar and Tripolia Bazar at ninety degrees
  • The average width of the market ranges from 111 Ft to 117 Ft.
  • There are over 350 shops in Kishanpole Bazar
  • It connects walled city of Jaipur to newly build southern Jaipur
  • The Verandahs in Kishanpole Bazar are comparatively narrower than other markets of town

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When was Kishanpole Market established?

The original layout of Jaipur city included Krishnapole Bazar in it. Thus the Kishanpole market dates back to 1727AD. This market is in a linear form running from north to south with shops on both sides. It is named after Lord Krishna.

Kishanpole Bazar of Jaipur

The market is said to be on the slope of a ridge. This bazar in Pink City was once home to many ministers and esteemed businessmen from the era of Rajput rule.

Krishnapole or Kishanpole signifies the patronage of Jaipur Royal family towards Bhagwan Krishna.

Architecture Synopsis and Visiting Experience

The most prominent pink city of the royal golden triangle of India is well hidden behind the thick City Walls. But as soon as you enter from Ajmeri Gate it illustrates the grandeur knowledge and wealth of then Rulers of Jeypore.

Krishnapole Bazar

Although the buildings may seem alike but keen observations reveal that every building and mansion has a story to share. For security and social reasons Sawai Jai Singh ll allotted spaces in main market to eminent people. But in Kishanpole Bazaar you won’t find many such mansions. However, this section or Chowkdi was reserved for business class people. The real gems lie behind the classy facades of market named Krishnapole Bazar.

The pink hue of the large mansions and shops glow when sunlight falls directly on them during morning and evening time. Undoubtedly the enchanting bazaar makes Jaipur one of the most romantic cities in India.

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The one of a kind design which allows shops at ground floor and residence above is a classic example of keen planning.

What to expect in Kishanpole Bazaar?

As a part of walled city the market very famous for Jaipur shopping experience. The bazaar developed through 3 centuries with blood and sweat of people of Jaipur.

Kishanpole Bazar Pink City

The traditional market showcases the true Jaipur that every tourist wants to experience. Kishanpole Market is famous for following items which are sold here –

  • Marble Handicrafts
  • Traditional Indian Sarees and clothes
  • Local sweet shops
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Timber and wooden items
  • Rajasthani wooden handicrafts
  • Edible Oils, retail and wholesale
  • Wooden and modern furniture
  • Metal and fancy jewellery
  • Bicycles and Gym equipments
  • Indian fighter kites and thread
  • Gold and Silver Jewellery, retail and wholesale
  • General Stationary goods
  • Architecture and other arts related materials
  • Indian traditional fast food
  • Spicy Snacks

Although Jaipur has expanded beyond the safety walls but people come to Kishanpole Bazar as they are aware that they will get the best price and best quality at this market.

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What to do in Kishanpole Bazaar Jaipur?

If you want to experience real culture of Jaipur then you must visit this bazaar. Apart from the unique shopping experience you will get the picturesque city life.

Krishnapole Bazar Jaipur

  • Some mansions in Kishanpole Bazar are worth spending some clicks or may be many.
  • A walk in the verandahs will take you to the times of maharajas.
  • You must definitely try some distinguishing Rajasthani sweets and snacks at local shops in the market.
  • While you are in Kishanpole Bazar of Jaipur don’t forget to visit newly opened Museum of Legacies.

Here is a list of some major tourist attractions in and around Kishanpole Bazar –

Best Restaurants in Kishanpole Bazar

You may not find any diners here in the market but traditional sweets and snacks shops are in good numbers. Some best street food in Jaipur could be experienced in the bazar. On the other hand there are many restaurants on MI Road which is hardly a walk away from this market.

Is parking facility available at Kishanpole Bazar?

Street parking for two wheelers and four wheelers is facilitated by the government on either side of the bazaar. But with growing number of vehicles spotting a free space may be difficult.

Kishanpole Bazaar

Therefore, it is recommended that you park your vehicles at Ramniwas Bagh parking, Rajeev Gandhi Parisar MI Road, Chaughan Parking space or Aatish Market Parking space.

Hotels in Kishanpole Bazar?

You won’t find any hotels in this market but one; Boby Mansion. It is traditional home converted in a budget hotel.

Kishanpole Bazar Timing

The market starts opening around 10 AM in the morning and most shops closed by 8 PM in late evening hours. You can still enjoy walking in the market till 10 PM.

How to reach Kishanpole Bazar in Jaipur?

The market is located on the junction of two major roads and walled city; MI Road and Tonk Road. It is well connected to every part of the city. You may reach the market by car, bus, auto, cab or bike.

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The exit from Kishanpole Bazar via Ajmeri Gate leads to Tonk road and Ajmer Road.

Here is a list of nearest Bus Stand, Metro Station, Railway Station and Airport with their respective distances from Kishanpole Bazar

Here are some nearby localities of Jaipur from Kishanpole Bazar

This was all about Kishanpol Market in Jaipur Rajasthan. When you’re planning a visit now? Do share your experience in the comment section below.

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