Museum of Legacies Jaipur – Showcasing Artefacts and Crafts in the city

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Museum of Legacies is another tourist attraction in Jaipur, Rajasthan. As the name suggests it is a Museum to conserve and showcase artefacts and crafts.

Museum of Legacies Jaipur Image

The two century old mansion is developed as a City Museum of Indigenous Art Forms.

History of Museum of Legacies Jaipur

The magnificent mansion was built sometime in early 18th century. It served as the residence of Prime Minister Pandit Shivdeen. He served in the court of erstwhile ruler of Jaipur, Sawai Ram Singh ll.

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Ram Singh Bahadur was an avid lover of Arts and Science. He is credited with opening the first School of Arts and Crafts in Rajputana region. The School was opened in the building in 1857 AD. At that time it was known as ‘Madarsa-e-Hunari’.

At that time there were 40 different Art courses offered in the institute, Madarasa-e-Hunari.

Later in 1886 AD the institute was renamed to Maharaja School of Arts. In year 1988 Rajasthan School of Arts succeeded the institution with the same goal of promoting Arts and Crafts.

Museum of Legacies in Jaipur

The school was relocated to JLN Marg in 2016. Thus, the historical monument was restored and inaugurated as Museum of Legacies on 7th December 2017.


Although the historical monument is developed as a City Museum but it holds the historical value too in Jaipur. The mansion is built in Rajput Style architecture. The mansion welcomes visitors with huge entry gate which implies the political and social standard of then residents.

An open area in the middle is identical to many other Rajput styled monuments. The chowk or open area ensures the proper light and air to every room and halls.

Museum of Legacies

Speaking of Halls and rooms, the mansion has 64 small and big rooms and 2 big halls. These halls have very high roofs surrounded by the in house verandas. These must have been used by ladies to witness social gatherings or proceedings. The building is 4 storeys high on the corners.

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The heritage monument is restored by Jaipur Smart City Ltd. The government body is using the techniques which were used in the making of the building so as to ensure the heritage look of the monument.

What to expect in Museum of Legacies?

The School of Arts was opened by Sawai Ram Singh in order to preserve and promote local craftsmanship and arts. Now, after almost 150 years the torch is passed to the generation of gadgets.

The museum is in its starting phase. For now it is divided into five sections dedicated to different art forms, namely;

  • History of Jewelery making in Rajasthan by Sudhir Kasliwal. It showcases old pictures of techniques and procedures of jewelery making. Also, many sample Jewelery art are displayed here.
  • Pichwai Paintings depicting Lord Krishna curated by Pooja Singhal. Pichwai art work originated in the Deccan region of India. But, now is a major art form in Nathdwara. Anybody would fall in love with the beautiful paintings of Shreenathji.
  • Embroideries collection by Brij Bhasin brings to view the beautiful Embroideries work from all over Rajasthan. The magnificent art work is used in everyday textile.
  • Mitch Crites and Nilou’s collection of semi precious stones and marble art work. This section also displays stone art work from other artists. It is a treat to see the Jali work inspired from Tajmahal itself.
  • Indigenous paintings collection by Ojas Art made by talented Bhil tribesmen.

Apart from the above two large Puppets are also displayed at the museum. These are made by renowned Puppeteer Vicky Bhatt.

Museum of Legacies Jaipur

The museum is developed in such a way that it can organize live performances and exhibitions. All these efforts would be centralized to promote local artisans and preserve the craftsmanship.

Where is Museum of Legacies in Jaipur?

It is located in Kishanpole Bazar of Walled City of Jaipur. It is approximately 500 meters away from Ajmeri Gate. Same way it is 550 meters away from Choti Chaupad. The walled city is the center of commercial activities.

9 markets of walled city are being renovated for façade development including Kishanpole Bazar. It will be a treat for visitors to walk in the markets and experience the local life, mansions and markets of Jaipur firsthand.

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Museum of Legacies Entry Tickets

Entry to the museum is free for all for now. Anyone including domestic and foreign tourists can visit the museum.

The entry is free for now for promotional purpose.

Museum of Legacies Jaipur Timing

The museum opens at 12 PM in noon and closes at 8 PM in evening.

Q. How much time does it take to visit the Museum of Legacies?
A. It takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes to visit the museum.

Q. What other facilities are available at the Museum of Legacies, Jaipur?
A. Apart from the restrooms and fresh drinking water, the museum also has space for Cafeteria (under development) and a Saras Parlour. Saras Parlour serves milk based products like Chhach, Coffee, Tea, Lassi etc.

Q. Is parking facility available at Museum of Legacies in Jaipur?
A. As the museum is located in the busy market it would is hard to find available parking space. Visitors are advised to park their vehicles at Ramniwas Bagh underground parking facility. From there Museum could be reached by e-rickshaw or auto.

Things to do around Museum of Legacies

The museum is located in the heart of pink city. The place is ideal for witnessing local life, photo walks and experiencing local food.

Here is a list of places of interest with their respective distances from Museum of Legacies –

How to reach Museum of Legacies in Jaipur?

The museum is very well connected to all the parts of Jaipur. It could be reached by car, auto, taxi, cab, e-rickshaw or bus. It could also be reached by hiring a Bike in Jaipur.

Here is a list of nearest Airport, Bus Stand and Railway Station with their respective distances from Museum of Legacies –

  • Jaipur International Airport (11.2 kms)
  • Jaipur Railway Station (4.3 kms)
  • Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (4.1 kms)

That is all you need to know before you go to the Museum of Legacies in Jaipur. If you think we have missed out on any information please let us know in comments section.

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