My Jaipur Experience – A city with richness of Color, Tradition and Culture

Jaipur, a city with richness of Colors, Tradition and Culture.


From the Forts to Palaces, from the fairs to the festivals, from traditional food to the beautiful streets and much more.

monkey temple Galta jaipur

My first visit to Jaipur

I had been to this place 3-4 times. My first journey was during the summer internship at Jaipur Metro. I was in my 3rd year of B.Tech and was there for 45 Days.


Standing over the Metro Train Bridge in hot summer where the temperature welcomes you with 45 degree Celcius. On that trip, I took pictures with my not so smart phone the simple keypad Nokia 2700 Classic.

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My Photo Exhibition at JKK

The next time was after 3 years. There was a photo exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra where my photos got exhibited. Didn’t got a chance to explore much but visited the beautiful City Palace.

City Palace rajasthan1

City Palace jaipur2

jaipur City Palace3

Just after 2 years while i was working on my dream project. JCB Backhoe Traveller, me and my JCB Toy travelling the country. Below are some of the photographs from my trip.

JCB Backhoe Traveller2

JCB Backhoe Traveller3

JCB Backhoe Traveller4

JCB Backhoe Traveller5

JCB Backhoe Traveller7

JCB Backhoe Traveller8

After a year, I visited again as my sister got transferred to this beautiful city. We went to Galta ji temple and it was a beautiful experience.

Galta Jaipur 1

Galta monkey temple jaipur 4

Galta temple jaipur 3

Galta Ji temple 2

Walking straight forward the hilly to reach to the Sun temple at the top. Following are few photographs from the trip.

PM Narendra Modi Jaipur Visit

My last visit was when the Prime Minister of the country Mr. Narendra Modi visited for an event. I had never seen such mass gathering ever in my life.

Narendra Modi in Jaipur2

PM Visit in Jaipur 3

modi PM Visit in Jaipur 4

Though I captured the event with my mobile phone only but it was a wonderful experience. Following are some of the photos from the event.

There is much more to capture, there is much more to explore in the Pink city.

jaipur 15August1

Note – This post was submitted by one of our readers (Ayush Devpura of Udaipur – Instagram profile) who visited Jaipur earlier, checked and published by JaipurLove editorial team. If you have been to Pink City and looking to get your experience published on this platform, kindly contact us with a request for the same.


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